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ITN News 03 05 2009 Sri Lanka Wanni Operation

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The Army has taken control of a main supply junction of the LTTE which links the main A-35 Highway and the Puthumattalan road. ITN representative Sujith Vithanapathirana reporting from the location said that troops of the 53rd Division succeeded in breaching two massive defence bunds located beyond the area. He pointed out that infantrymen of the 53rd Division after consolidating their positions, succeeded in breaching another earth bund today. It was located beyond the junction. Earth bunds were the main tactics adopted by the terrorists to obstruct the advancement of the troops. However, the soldiers have proved that it was an outdated strategy. Earlier the LTTE put up such earth bunds to protect their strongholds. But when the troops entered the No Fire Zone, this tactic had been changed. They had put up earth bunds at short distances. Their desire was to somehow protect the limited area in which they are cornered. This is very clear from their new strategy. But they had been unable to realise their objectives. The troops are now facing the terrorists sans heavy weapons. Soldiers in the battlefront said that the desire of the terrorists was to somehow halt the advancement of the troops who are moving forward, breaching all their defence bunds. The operations are carried out by troops of Task Force Eight headed by Colonel Ravipriya and under the guidance of Major Gen. Kamal Gunaratne, Commander of the 53rd Division. An LTTE administrative centre uncovered The troops have uncovered a main administrative centre of the LTTE terrorists, located in Puthukuduyirippu. ITN Representative Kelum Gunatilake said the terrorists had been operating this administrative centre near the suicide tiger training camp which was seized by the troops recently. It was located within the thick jungles. The cash counters in the building has raised doubts whether the tigers had used them to collect ransom. There are cells near the counter, indicating that the terrorists may have detained those who did not properly make payments. The tigers had fled leaving away a heap of flags and 12 land phones. There is evidence that several tigers stationed in the South had exchanged letters written in Sinhala. Troops of the 57th Division commanded by Major Gen. Jagath Dias and under the guidance of the 572nd Brigade headed by Colonel Senarath Bandara, are continuing search operations in the area.
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