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Top Tiger arrested in Norway

A Norwegian based LTTE leader Perinpanayagam Sivaparan, known by his nom de guerre as Nediyawan, has been arrested and was produced in an Oslo court on Wednesday and Thursday, the Norwegian media reported.

The Norway News website said that Nediyawan, a prominent figure and "new leader" of the LTTE is being questioned over LTTE activities in the Netherlands.

A Dutch judge and five Dutch Defence Attorneys are in Norway to interrogate the LTTE Leader Nediyavan, who is a resident of Norway.


We never subjected LTTE detainees to Abu Ghraib-type humiliation

Retired Senior DIG Nimal Lewke says the controversial ‘Darusman Report’ had made a shameful attempt to discredit Sri Lanka on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations levelled against law enforcement agencies. The post-war allegations, particularly with regard to rape and sexual abuse at detention facilities in the North had been part of their sordid operation to force the government of Sri Lanka to accept an international war crimes investigation.


Blakes’ abortive attempt to save cornered Tigers in 2009 revealed

At the height of eelam war IV in 2009, the then US Ambassador in Colombo, Robert O Blake, urged the Sri Lankan government to agree to a mediated surrender of LTTEleaders cornered in the Vanni, but the Rajapaksa government refused to do so, a classified US diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks reveals.


UN chief says can’t order probe into Sri Lanka war

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he lacks the authority to personally order a probe into the mass killings of civilians in the final months of Sri Lankas civil war, as a report recommended on Monday.

A human rights group disagreed with Bans description of his limited powers, saying he has the authority to push ahead.

A panel appointed by Ban said in the report on the 2008-2009 fighting in northeastern Sri Lanka that it found evidence that the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were guilty of war crimes and recommended that those crimes be investigated and suspects prosecuted.


Accountability, reconciliation, democracy

At a recent seminar at the Acadamie Diplomatique Internationale in Paris, a team from the National University of Singapore’s Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), on a Paris-London visit, presented on ‘Developments in the Arab World and the Impact on Asia: an Asian Perspective’. I attended eagerly, not only because of the subject’s salience but because these were my recent colleagues and friends.

The team’s presentation differentiated the domestically driven developments, most importantly but not exclusively in Tunisia and Egypt, from external military intervention in Libya’s armed civil conflict or civil war. Prof Tan Tai Yong, the Vice Provost of the National University of Singapore (with which Yale has just signed a deal to establish a liberal arts college) and Executive Director of the Institute pointed out that while Asian opinion agreed that the intentional killing of unarmed civilian protestors de-legitimized any regime and constituted a new ‘red line’ for the international community which if crossed would trigger R2P, Asia with its organically evolved societies and states of long historicity  (contrasting with many an Arab state such as Libya carved out as a patchwork of tribes, clans and ethnicities mere decades ago by colonial fiat, with Egypt a monumental exception), its functioning political parties and use of universal suffrage, its familiarity with and history of street protests, and its better shared prosperity in an era of economic upswing, has states of an entirely different formation and type from those of the Arab world, and does not suffer the same structural vulnerabilities of legitimacy.

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