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What to do with MR

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What to do with MR
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In this world, nobody is indispensable. Not even President Mahinda Rajapakse. It is true, we, the people of this country, voted him to power to get a certain difficult job done. It was done. Mothers do not anymore live in tension till the father and the children safely return home in the evening. Congratulations Mr President, you did it successfully and thoroughly. Thank you very much. And we respected him and loved him for standing up to all the international bullies and thugs, safeguarding the sovereignty, identity, independence and pride of this tiny island nation. Three hearty cheers to our President, Hurrah!

Anyway, from 2005 onwards, through the war years and during the last six months of peace, we have been watching the activities of the President and his immediate and extended family. He saved the country all right; but the impression is given that he saved the country not for the poor people of this country whose sons and daughters joined the fighting Forces and sacrificed their young lives and limbs to save it, but for himself and his kith and kin to exploit it to the maximum for their own profit and benefit. That seems to be the present impression of the general citizenry. He did things which, unfortunately, tarnished his lovable image. I give only two examples. On the International Women’s Day he set free some lady-prisoners with a presidential pardon. It would have been a beautiful gesture if the ladies were poor women who languished in a prison cell simply because they were too poor to pay a paltry sum of a fine. But no, he pardoned some rich and powerful drug traffickers and double murderesses who were lifers. That was not a beautiful gesture; that stank. Secondly, he bent the Law of the Land to accommodate his nephew to be the Chief Minister of Uva and at the same time hold the position of the Basnayake Nilame of the Kataragama Devale by making only that Devale exempt from the law. If that is not nepotism at its crudest, I don’t know what nepotism is. Let us not go into Mihin Air etc, these are sufficient to get the ugly picture.

We, the people of this country, must decide on the 26th of January what to do with MR who has feet of clay. To begin with there was simply no need of a presidential election. He could have gone on safely for two more years. He could have easily done whatever he wanted to; develop the country, amend/change the Constitution, abolish the satanic Executive Presidency or whatever. This election is an utter waste of public funds! In view of the election, Temple Trees, almost on a daily basis, turns into a Dansala. And who pays the bill? I am not sure it is MR. We have had a surfeit of elections, almost one in every three months. The Ministers and MPs are busy electioneering and only electioneering they do nothing else. Hospitals, schools, universities, everything in fact are in a mess. Nothing runs efficiently. Nothing gets done. It is enough to go to Colombo, and especially Pettah, to realise the deterioration we have reached. Pettah stinks to high heavens. One wonders whether the nauseating stench emanates from corruption or from uncollected garbage. MR’s government cannot keep Colombo clean. How can it self-clean all the rot and garbage in MR’s gargantuan cabinet?

After everything is said and done, finally, who is the alternative to MR? SF? I will always and anywhere gratefully raise my hat to General Sarath Fonseka, our hero, the officer and the gentleman. But the Sarath Fonseka in civvies is a mystery to me. Therefore I keep silence. But I know what those, who are behind him and support him, are up to. They are up to no good. They have lost all credibility. Sudu Nelum, Thawalam, the traitorous CFA, the Millennium City betrayal, the constant ridiculing and demoralising of the fighting forces and talking against the country and its people abroad were the low type of activities they were engaged in during the whole of the intense fighting to save the country. They could have at least kept silence; they didn’t. They do not deserve to be in politics in Sri Lanka.

Does that mean we elect MR again? Yes, but only if we are going to use our franchise very, very responsibly at the next General Election. It may look like that the people are in a catch 22 situation.

I think we have a third way out of the dilemma and solve the problem. We have to get MR on the right path to good governance. We have to do it. It is we, the people, who vote for these national leaders. Why do we vote for people who always let us down? Why don’t we choose persons who are more trustworthy? We have nobody to blame but ourselves if those we voted in to the parliament are corrupt, lazy and inefficient. There is an absolute need for good governance, without which we are like the biblical swine rushing down the Gadarene slope to their undoing. I’d like to contribute my humble opinion. I present five precepts (guidelines) that ALL the citizens of this country must observe if we want good governance. And that is how we are going to force MR to get on to the right track come Parliamentary Elections next April.


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