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Harsha sounds some timely warnings

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Harsha sounds some timely warnings
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UNP’s economics Spokesman and probably the only holder of a doctorate in economics in our parliament Dr Harsha de Silva expresses concern over military type of administering and decision taking process being practiced by the Rajapaksa government in the country, but he was evasive about many other issues like the main opposition making dire predictions for the country about a debt crisis or over the loss of GSP plus none of which came to trouble the country. But he did sound some timely warnings.

Following are excerpts:

Q: The UNP unable to put its own house in order and get its act together increasingly look more like an opposition just opposing for the sake of opposing even on issues of national interest, than being a responsible opposition.

We have been a much more responsible opposition than any opposition has been to my memory. There have been opposition leaders who went to Geneva and brought up human right issues and I don’t want to go into all that. In this situation we have acted very responsibly. As a matter of fact when the whole Darusman Report came out I was the UNP MP who went to meetings at the State Department with Senators and including people like Colin Powell. I in fact met with Palitha Kohona at two meetings that spanned many hours. Let me tell you of the observation of the Americans in front of Palitha Kohona. A powerful person said at least three, four times ‘I am so happy to see how the opposition of your country is responding to the situation that is being faced by you’, meaning Palitha Kohona as Ambassador for Sri Lanka at the UN. At all times we have acted with utmost responsibility in not making the position that the government is in with respect to the channel four report any more difficult for them. As a matter of fact there is not a single instance where the government can find fault with the UNP for having raked up unnecessary issues.

Q: Even when an outsider makes an adverse comment that is raked up as a fault of the government.

I challenge you to show me one person, even a single MP who has spoken in ….

Q: Just yesterday Dayasiri Jayasekera found fault………

He found fault with somebody in the government for not having dealt with the issue’s procedural problem. I mean the UNP is saying there was lack of coordination.

Q: While there are far worse wrongs in the world to which the so called international community is conveniently turning a blind eye, it is quite obvious that at the same time they are all out to fix Sri Lanka for having successfully fought the LTTE to a finish in the battle field.

The fact of the matter is you can always take a statement by one person or the other and twist it a bit this way or the other way, but if you read the speech made by the leader of the opposition in the House on the Darusman report it is very clear. He said we must work as one country. Yet none of the newspapers gave what I think, the due publicity for that speech he made outlining the position of the opposition. So while even I find fault with the government for the inconsistent policy. I was in the US and I saw you are not addressing the issue.

Q:But we are faced with a situation where even the UN, the international media and everything else is manipulated against us.

That is why we are paying millions of dollars to retain PR firms. I think the government has failed in addressing this issue in a way that would have helped us and not causing further difficulty. For instance if we were against the Darusman panel why did we answer the 31 questions sent by them. Any right thinking person would have said don’t answer. If we don’t answer we are not in complicity.


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