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TNA’s ultimatum to government

Negotiating a political arrangement for post-conflict Sri Lanka can be considered daunting for Sri Lanka as it is for the US to resolve its debt crisis. The hard stand taken by the TNA even after three decades of death, destruction and untold suffering by the Tamil people is comparable to the unyielding stand taken by the Tea Party in its approach to the US national crisis.

The global economic melt-down has left many developed countries bruised and helpless to cope with their inability to meet their financial commitments to their citizens and to their debtors. Although these countries are preoccupied with their respective financial situations they were also deeply concerned and watchful as to how the United States was going to deal with its own financial situation knowing the impact the situation in the US would have on the rest of the world. Fortunately for all concerned, a crisis in the US was averted hours before the dead line. Despite the good news, the hard bargaining that enabled the US to avert a crisis has damaged its image and it is now seen as a country unable to come together politically to resolve issues of national interest. The result has been that its credit rating was downgraded from a triple A rating (AAA) to AA +.


Channel four and the ‘Broken Palmyrah’

The mass hysteria aroused by Channel Four among foreigners ill disposed towards Sri Lanka and even some treacherous Sri Lankans who are ill disposed towards Mahinda Rajapakse, and care not whom else they hurt (including their Motherland) provided they manage to hurt one or more Rajapaksas, shows no signs of abating. Channel Four has now put out a second video clip supposedly depicting some further alleged information about the alleged conduct of our forces in the last days of the `war’ and said to contain the depositions of two alleged eye witnesses. As admitted by the presenter [one Snow] himself, the so called witnesses themselves have their faces so depicted in such a way that they are unrecognizable and their voices have been deleted and dubbed so as to deliberately conceal their identities! Thus, if one is to believe the contents of the Videos one must believe Snow implicitly. Yet, would anyone, including CB Kumaratunga and her two erstwhile ‘poodles’ Mervyn and SN Silva or any other at home or abroad, trust or act on the word of Snow in any matter affecting their personal interests?


Harsha sounds some timely warnings

UNP’s economics Spokesman and probably the only holder of a doctorate in economics in our parliament Dr Harsha de Silva expresses concern over military type of administering and decision taking process being practiced by the Rajapaksa government in the country, but he was evasive about many other issues like the main opposition making dire predictions for the country about a debt crisis or over the loss of GSP plus none of which came to trouble the country. But he did sound some timely warnings.


We never subjected LTTE detainees to Abu Ghraib-type humiliation

Retired Senior DIG Nimal Lewke says the controversial ‘Darusman Report’ had made a shameful attempt to discredit Sri Lanka on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations levelled against law enforcement agencies. The post-war allegations, particularly with regard to rape and sexual abuse at detention facilities in the North had been part of their sordid operation to force the government of Sri Lanka to accept an international war crimes investigation.


External challenges to Sri Lanka

Behind its splendid stone facade, the Acadamie Diplomatique Internationale has been in existence from the early decades of the last century, and according to its head, was discussing Western military intervention in the Middle East then as it was that very day last week when a team from the National University of Singapore’s Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), on a Paris-London visit, presented on ‘Developments in the Arab World and the Impact on Asia: an Asian Perspective’. I attended eagerly, not only because of the subject’s salience but because these were my recent colleagues and friends.

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