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The grand plan of the LTTE

The LTTE blocked the return of some UN humanitarian workers with their families exiting the war-torn areas a few days back. Despite a strong protest by the UN, the LTTE did not release them or the civilians they are keeping as a shield inside non-liberated areas in the Wanni.

A news report following the incident said that when enquired from the UN office in Sri Lanka as to if the non-release of the UN workers by the LTTE would qualify as a hostage situation, the official had replied in the negative saying that it is not yet considered a hostage situation. That remark by the local UN official made me think why so. Why did the UN not want to call the blocking of exit of the UN workers by a designated terrorist group by force, a hostage situation? The UN was reported by many media institutions as having issued strong protests against the LTTE but the UN was hesitant to call it hostage taking even after days of its happening. Well to me, something did not sound right there at all. Something simply did not add up.

And a few days later, we now see an unprecedented media stunt by the LTTE through its mouthpiece Tamilnet accusing the State armed forces of firing artillery rounds towards the civilians killing more than 300 in number in a safe zone. What is more interesting to see is those news reports that keeps mushrooming all over the place taking about how UN humanitarian workers nearly escaped the shells giving eye-witness accounts of having seen scores of civilians being killed in the safe zone. Yet they say that they have no idea where the firing came from.

Now, I failed to comprehend the argument that alleges the armed forces of this heinous crime. Why in the world the State armed forces would want to declare a safety zone for the sake of the civilians in the first place, publicize it and then fire artillery at the civilians killing them? What good would that bring to them? What motive do they have to resort to that sort of reckless thinking all of a sudden? What advantage would they reap out of it now? On the contrary, if they did fire at the safe zone and at the civilians, the armed forces would very well stand losing all the good work they have already accomplished in one single moment of foolishness. Just think about that, would the army risk doing just that?

On the other hand, the LTTE terrorists stand to gain from such a grand plan and creating an unprecedented human catastrophe to bid time and sympathy from the outside world, wishing for some international intervention to buy a new lease of life for them. Most of all, the LTTE, being the champions of humanitarian catastrophes over the years, would not think twice before hitting the civilians, if that would give them the necessary mileage whatever it may come from. This is not the first time they have done so and if they are allowed to live any longer, certainly this would not be the last time too. Just a few days back, they blasted a tank bund and made the already worsened living conditions of the Wanni civilians, more precarious. And that is just one example among many others. That is testimony to their utter disregard for human life. Human catastrophes are the specialized forte of the LTTE. And their capability to cause such and blame the State for them has left many an examples to quote from in their 30 year old terrorist campaign in this island nation.

Only now is the grand plan of the LTTE terrorists seems to be coming to light, days after it forcefully blocked the UN workers exiting their left-over areas. Their plan must have been to deliberately fire at the safe zone kill the civilians and make the UN workers report it and then put the blame on the State security forces, thereby trying to gain some mileage in order to salvage some breathing space amidst a certain routing at the hands of the security forces. The second objective of the LTTE would have been to scare the civillians from entering the safe zones declared by the State for the. Previously, they have been shooting to kill at the fleeing civillians and displaying their bodies to the others as warning.

And now, the same LTTE comes up with a bogus accusation to blame the State and its security forces of a crime they had planned themselves and executed to the letter. Well, I guess the world is not that deaf and blind to take the stories of a proven terrorist organization on board.

By Nacholibre ~ Sri Lanka Guardian ~



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