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Why Sri Lankan leaders fail?

In the recent past, we've witnessed the public downfall of leaders from almost every area of endeavour in Sri Lanka — business, politics, religion, and sports. One day they're on top of the heap, the next; the heap is on top of them.


Tamil-Nadu would become second Jaffna says Sangaree

Sri Lanka's largest Tamil democratic party leader V. Ananda Sangaree told London based Indian reporters if India does not act fast and quell pro-Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam activities in India's Sourthern state of Tamil Nadu it would become a second Jaffna soon.
Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) leader, Sangaree warned with leaders like Vaiko of the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, P. Nedumaran of the Tamil National Movement and Thiru Mavalan of the Dalit Panther Party the South Indian state could become a second Jaffna easily.


What’s the LTTE’s gameplan?

Carnage in the South

Scores of people have been killed in the South just in the past month, most of them Sinhalese civilians. The focus of the LTTE's offensive seems to have shifted from the North-East to the South. This is not just a matter of luring the military away from the North, because there has also been a shift from military targets to civilian ones.


Pasilan 2000

Pasilan 2000, shown in the above picture has been known as a mortar or arti-mortar like the 122mm canon, successor to the ‘BABA mortar’ used by the LTTE for ground operations since 1980s. A factory manufacturing Pasilan 2000 and other IEDs was destroyed in an air-raid on 16th January 2008 at Puthukudiirippu.


Successes, failures and potential - 60 years after independence

As Sri Lankans we have faced and heard of many victories and debacles in the past. And we continue to hear of the victories of our brave soldiers. How are we performing and where are we heading? These are the views of the present Army Commander and a prominent former Army Commander given to 'Face 2 Face'.
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Will there be a Violent Resurgence of the LTTE soon?

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