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- Put country before self interest President 22-12-09

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Put country before self interest President President Rajapaksa has referred to the frequent coordination maintained with professionals in the implementation of important plans as he was aware of their value. He told them that they should place the motherland before self interest. The President said his Government looks forward to working with the professionals over the next few years as he had already done in the past. He was certain that the country will benefit by the advice and contributions of the professionals. The country faced difficult challenges in the past 4 years. The last 2 years had been very difficult but when compared to many other countries Sri Lanka had been able to do better than many others. He selected people with professional knowledge and the ability to implement programs and plans to achieve the objectives of the country. The President added that they always respected professionals who put the countrys interest before their own. The President was addressing a function in Colombo. It was organized in connection with the induction of Professor A.D.V. de S. Indraratne as the new President of the Sri Lanka Professionals Association. Parliamentarians, foreign diplomats and representatives as well as state officials were among the distinguished gathering present on the occasion.
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