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LTTETamil Tiger cadres are rehabilitated-07-07-2009 -ITN News Sri Lanka

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Many LTTE cadres who have surrendered are being rehabilitated. They are now beginning to enter the democratic fold. A majority of them had been conscripted. They had no intention of joining the outfit. Even their parents made an untiring effort to save the children being forcibly recruited as combatants. The Government is rehabilitating them. Wanni Commanding Officer Major Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya opined that all facilities have been granted to direct them to various professions. He frequently looks into the needs of these young men and women. Major Gen. Jagath Jayasuriya, during a visit to the rehabilitation centres at Thampamaduwa and Poonthottam inquired into their welfare. They said that they were now enjoying real freedom. The Governments intention is to solicit their contribution to the countrys development.
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