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LTTE Terrorism Defeated by Sri Lanka ARMY,Navy & Air Force - 4

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The final operation to crush the remaining LTTE terrorists is underway. The 58th Division had seized two LTTE armoured trucks and a haul of weapons. the final stages of the battle to annihilate the terrorists is in progress. The terrorists had set ablaze belongings of all civilians. Their intention was to put the blame on the troops. The LTTE had already devoured the Tamil civilians. But now their destruction has reached. The troops are operating to crush the remaining LTTE cadres. Troops of the 58th Division commanded by Brig. Shavendra Silva are carrying out the operation. The troops had recovered the second armoured truck. In addition, a war tank was also seized. It is the first time that the troops had seized two armoured trucks of the terrorists in a day. A large number of terrorists were killed during yesterday and today. The troops detected scattered bodies of the terrorists. However, they have not abandoned attacking the civilians fleeing from their grip and seeking security of the forces.
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