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LTTE Terrorism Defeated by Sri Lanka ARMY,Navy & Air Force - 3

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More tiger leaders have been killed in attacks unleashed by members of the Armed Forces. the 53rd Division said the Army has now taken initiatives to speed up the operations against the terrorists who are restricted to a small strip of land, with the total liberation of the civilians entrapped within the No Fire Zone. Troops of the 53rd, 58th and 59th Divisions succeeded in liberating all civilians from the grip of the terrorists by this afternoon. After taking a census, these civilians were directed to welfare camps. The troops are now moving ahead in search of the remaining LTTE leaders and cadres. Major explosions were taking place from time to time where the terrorists are in hiding. The 53rd Division commanded by Major Gen. Kamal Gunaratne, the 58th Division headed by Brig. Shavendra Silva and the 59th Division under the direct supervision of Brig. Prasanna Silva have laid surrounded the terrorists.
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