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International Community's Role in Sri Lankan Humanitarian Crisis

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NGOs Sri Lanka has been BLESSED with ample of NGOs for past two decades or so. The main aim of most of these NGOs was to carry out humanitarian services for war-hit areas of North and Eastern Sri Lanka. As a person who is having close contacts with few of these NGO people, and as a citizen of Sri Lanka, I have few points to rise. 1. What has these organizations done so far to develop war hit areas? There were hundreds of NGOs which carried out their missions based in Kilinochchi. After Kilinochchi was captured by the SL army, it was very clear that these NGOs have done nothing to the civilians for past 20 years, but they have carried out humanitarian operations to help the LTTE. Further they have provided a kind shelter for LTTE to transport arms, to escape from SL Air force fighters and to take care of the wounded LTTE carders. 2. Most of these Organizations get millions of USD as funds annually, but actually expend a very little of it. The rest goes to the NGO workers and more importantly, to LTTE by indirect ways. 3. Senior officials of some of these NGOs have repeatedly criticized the Sri Lankan government on various security measures implemented by the government, and further there were enough examples of telling serious untruth stories by these NGOs which bring disgrace to Sri Lankan security forces. These organizations have really acted beyond their limits, threatening the sourigenity of Sri Lanka. 4. Many NGOs left the kilinochchi after Donating their vehicles, equipments, and even some officials as carders for LTTE. 5. With these previous experiences, NGOs has to be prohibited from involving any humanitarian activities in IDP camps. According to our constitution, betrayal to the country is the biggest offense, and those who betray have to be hanged. As citizens of Sri Lanka, we need justice. So the first thing that the government has to do is HANG ALL THESE NGO PEOPLE WHO HAVE BETRAYED THE COUNTRY and as general public, we really want it to be happened.
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