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LTTE supporters attack China's Embassy in London

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LTTE supporters have attacked the Chinese Embassy in located at Portland Place in Central London. LTTE supporters who converged near the Embassy became violent and smashed up many windows of the office building. The demonstrators were permitted to perform a 24 hour vigil by the British authorities near the Parliament Square. However, carrying the LTTE flag, they marched towards the Chinese Embassy. LTTE supporters demolished the windows of the Indian High Commission building and the Sri Lankan High Commission building last week. The demonstrators initially attempted to storm into the Chinese Embassy. However, they were pushed back by the Police. Thereafter, they turned violent and started throwing missiles to smash up windows of the Chinese Embassy. The Metropolitan Police said three persons have been arrested, one for causing criminal damage, another for attempting to cause criminal damage and the other on suspicion to cause personal injury to Police Officers. However, political analysts are amazed by the relaxed policy adhered to by the London authorities with regard to LTTE activities.
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