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ITN News 07 05 2009 Sri Lanka Wanni Operation

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The Security Forces have uncovered an underground torture chamber and a haul of weapons of the terrorists at Ramanathpuram in Vishwamadu. ITN Representative Kelum Gunatilake said a terrorist training centre was also located in the environs He said the 10th Armoured Corps and the 7th Signals Regiment under the 571st Brigade commanded by Col. Aruna Wijewickrema recovered the haul of weapons and explosives along with other military material. There were 30 RPGs, claymore mines, 40mm grenade launchers, Bangalore torpedoes used in the removal of booby traps, hand grenades, remote control devices used to detonate anti personnel mines, 110 mortars of 81mm and 200 mortars of 60mm including the LTTE manufactured Arul bombs. The LTTE had left their uniforms and caps as well. There were several geographical maps indicating all districts and towns in the country. Our Representative further said that the LTTE had also abandoned a suicide boat in the environs. There was a massive prison complex located in a large house surrounded with sheets. It is believed that civilians who refused pay ransom and the top class members who attempted to ditch the outfit had been imprisoned in it. The underground torture chamber was located nearby. It had been built with closely woven barbwire to prevent any escape. The roof of the torture chamber was also made of barbwire indicating that the prisoners were open to the sun and rain.
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