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Wanni Operation 26 th April 2009

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LTTE cadres, including child soldiers surrender in large numbers At least 52 LTTE cadres have surrendered themselves to Sri Lanka Army at Valayarmadam today (Apr 26), reveal defence sources. Among them were 23 trained LTTE cadres between 13 to 18 years of age and a group 29 schoolchildren who had been recently conscripted to the outfit, the sources add. The surrendees have told the soldiers that there are many hundreds like them still being held by the LTTE leadership for his protection. The soldiers found these young LTTE cadres while conducting mopping up operations in the Valayarmadam area this morning. According to the sources, the boys' heads had been shaved while the girls had been given very short hair cuts. The surrendees have told that the LTTE had done this to them to identify them if they dared to escape. They have further said that all the young LTTE cadres are waiting for the soldiers to come and rescue them from the wicked outfit that brought immense sufferings upon them and their families. All of them had only one request to be made from the soldiers, which was to find their parents for them, the sources add.
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