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LTTE continue attacking fleeing civilians

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The LTTE terrorists are continuing their attacks on Tamil civilians who are flowing into the hands of the Army. They have reached cleared areas braving LTTE attacks. They said they are fortunate to have survived. One civilian said the LTTE does not permit anyone to leave. His younger brother was making untiring attempts to escape. The LTTE opens fire at civilians. He claimed that he had consumed only dhal for two months although the LTTE received everything including rice. He expressed his thanks to the Navy for rescuing them. A large group of civilians reached Pulmoddai in the Green Ocean vessel with the support of the Sri Lanka Navy yesterday. The Navy said the group comprised 463 civilians. The LTTE continued their unending attacks at the fleeing civilians. Among the group were 110 injured civilians. They were directed to the Indian Medical Camp for initial treatment after administering first aid. Thereafter they were directed to the Anuradhapura and Padaviya Hospitals.
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