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Troops seize a major sea tiger base

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The Security Forces have captured another major sea tiger base of the terrorists. Our Representative Anura Dorakumbura giving more information said heavy attacks were unleashed against the troops as there was an LTTE stronghold. Troops of the 58th Division led by Brig. Shavendra Silva launched a surprise attack and seized the base after advancing towards Puthukudiyiruppu East. A used submarine was also seized. It is believed that the submarine may have been used for experiments or to travel in the sea. A torpedo was also found. A boat along with surveillance equipment of the sea tigers was captured. Among the other recoveries made were satellite communication equipment and modern computers. A large number of improvised anti personnel mines and components used for the manufacture of bombs were recovered. Although the camp was located in a high security zone, it had not been free from the sharp eyes of the Security Forces personnel. The 7th Sinha Regiment recovered five Google communication equipment, four small communication equipment, two T-56 firearms and a component suspected to be a 120mm artillery gun.
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