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Will Sri Lankan Government Release KP?


The Indian Multi Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) which is investigating the possible conspiracy behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi has recently informed that it has need to  investigate KP, the former leader of the Tamil Tiger International chain presently under detention in Sri Lanka

Prior to this, India’s RAW (Reasearch and Analysis Wing- intelligence service) came to Sri Lanka and questioned KP. The latter however during the investigation denied having any involvement in the Gandhi assassination while citing evidence. But, the RAW had  not accepted  KP’s denial in full, and registered strong protests against some of his statements, sources say. Now, India’s MDMA has informed Sri Lankan  authorities that it has to interrogate KP in the midst of the emergence of two divergent views within the Sri Lankan  Terrorist Investigation UNit regarding the action to be instituted against KP: One view favours filing of legal action against KP and producing him before the Court.

The other view is, KP shall be released.
The protagonists of the latter  view argue, as KP formed the Tamil Tiger Diaspora for the war, so he should be given the opportunity to induce the Diaspora to come to the path to peace, and their mentality can be changed only by KP.

It is reported that KP has advanced many proposals in regard to roping in the Tamil Tiger Diaspora to the path to peace.

He has advanced these proposals after having discussions with certain representatives of the Tamil political parties in the North- East and those of the Tamil Diaspora .

Moreover,  representatives of some Tamil  political parties had met KP on several occasions, and the latter  is in communication with the Tamil Diaspora too over the phone.

It is learnt that he has put forward proposals for the development of the North –East provinces via the investments of the Tamil Diaspora .

The Government. however has still not decided on the course of action in respect of KP. The Government. entertains apprehensions that KP is not entirely trustworthy and is possibly trying to exploit  this opportunity to join hands with the Tamil Tiger Diaspora again.

Incidentally , the popular  story that the Tamil Tiger Diaspora which opposed the appointment of KP as the Tamil Tiger leader, gave the tip-off for the arrest of KP is a myth and not the truth. That was a story invented to sow disaffection among the Diaspora.

The Government  planned to arrest KP even while Prabhakaran was living. The reason for this is the Government’s perception that KP was seeking to rescue Prabhakaran, and therefore the former should be destroyed before that .

The Government  became aware only after the arrest of KP that the latter had planned to dig a tunnel under the sea in order to dispatch Prabhakaran via a Submarine. Prabhakaran was to be fetched to a ship where a helicopter was to land and take off  whisking  away Prabhakaran.
During the final phase of the war , although the Government  tried to arrest KP, that proved futile.

Later, the Govt. succeeded  because of KP’s indiscretions and his conduct in  neglect of personal security, and it was not because of the Tamil Tiger Diaspora conflicts.

Although there was a proposition during the period of the last Presidential election to release KP and allow him to participate in politics in the North  and East , the Govt. was in two minds based on its fear for KP on the one hand  and its inclination to release him on the other.

The Indian Intelligence service sees the release of KP in a different  light. It is apparent that they are in disfavour of the release of K.P. It is on this account  the MDMA has intimated that it requires to  question KP while India’s  RAW secret service has already once earlier, interrogated him  in connection with the Rajiv Gandhi murder.

There are also reports that they are  desirous of  delving into KP’s Bank accounts. India’s CBI in 2002 had gone to New Zealand and Germany to investigate the Bank account details of KP in those countries, reports say.

Indeed,the CBI has had correspondence and exchanged documents with 23 countries in an effort to get details in connection with KP’s Bank accounts.

The RAW secret service while interrogating KP was only investigating his involvement in the Gandhi murder. Yet , the MDMA is of the view that there could have been a conspiracy behind the Gandhi murder , and KP has to be questioned in that angle.

This conspiracy claim can imply an International  conspiracy. Their objective is to investigate deeper as to whether  KP was implicated, because at  that time he  was in charge of the Tamil Tiger Diaspora International chain.

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