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What to do with MR - Page 2

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What to do with MR
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Precept I. I will not vote for a person who does not declare his assets and publish the same in the national newspapers for the perusal of the public at least one month before the elections. The honesty and the integrity of the candidate must be clearly seen. He must show that he is selflessly coming forward to serve the nation and the people. It is not enough they show it only to the Election Commissioner. Those who are reluctant to declare their assets to the public are simply not trustworthy and do not deserve our valuable vote.

Precept II. I will not vote for a person who is known to have connections to the underworld and behaves (even a member of his family) like a thug in public. Those who cannot control their anger, who when in power take revenge from the political opponents, who take the law in to their hands, who intimidate and humiliate the ordinary citizens of the country when they travel on our roads are simply not suitable to be the leaders of this country.

Precept III. I will not vote for a person who already has a relative or a family member in the Presidency, Parliament, PC or the PS. Our politicians are mere mediocre nincompoops. There are exceptions, of course. The truth of the matter is they are fattening themselves on our national wealth; they are parasites. They are shamelessly rapacious and greedy. It is enough that there is one parasite in the immediate or the extended family of the candidate. We, the voters, need not go and make them, a whole family of, a tribe of, parasites.

Precept IV. I will not vote for a candidate who after winning a seat has crossed over to the political party in power. Changing sides for ministerial posts, to avoid corruption charges or for other perks is an indecent act. It is an ignoble betrayal of those poor voters who placed their trust in him. Of course, they will justify their actions. They will have hundred and one reasons to show how selfless and nationalistic their action is. But, we know who they are, born liars who have sold their souls for a mess of pottage.

Precept V. I will not vote for a person who has either said or done anything against the Nation’s sovereignty, integrity or its good name. This precept needs no elaboration. Who can vote for a traitor to lead our country? It would be national suicide.

A friend of mine who saw the five precepts declared that if we were to follow these precepts there would be no people we can vote for. Yes, he is right. Politically speaking our country is really that badly off. Yet, if we the citizens, declare vociferously that we are going to abide by these precepts, the political parties may at least begin to think of presenting better candidates for the elections and if we do stick to these precepts when actually we vote we just might get a somewhat better set of human beings in the Parliament next April. Also if the citizens publicly declare—the national newspapers must come forward to help our people by translating this article into Sinhala and Tamil and giving it full publicity in all the national newspapers so that the voice of the people will be heard loud and clear—their determined intention to abide by these precepts; prominent citizens, selfless women and men of integrity and courage might think of taking up politics and coming forward to serve the country.

We have no choice but to elect MR again, simply because he is the only representative of the National Ideology. We cannot afford to bring back the non-National Ideology with Ranil, Mangala and Company. They will take us thirty years back to square one. MR knowing that and thus holding the people to ransom to get away with any kind of shady deals and behaviour is not fair. MR has still one month to show the people he is ready to govern honestly and courageously. Words are not enough! We want deeds! By deeds I do not mean Dansalas.

If he acknowledges and shows some repentance for the bad governance in his government and begins to clean up then we shall vote for him. Otherwise, he will not get my vote this time. Even if we see some silver lining in the dark cloud it is only if we are absolutely determined to vote in April according to the above precepts and force MR to bring about good governance that we can justify electing him President again.

May Sri Lanka be blessed with honest, hard working and patriotic legislators and a much, much smaller cabinet!


~ The Island ~ by Fr. J. C. Pieris


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