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Were the General and JVP Involved in a Coup Conspiracy?

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Were the General and JVP Involved in a Coup Conspiracy?
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A striking facet of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s intriguing personality is the candour he displays in some media interviews. Instead of bluffing, sidestepping or trying to wriggle out of answering tricky questions the Defence secretary responds directly and fields them in a frank, forthright manner.

This characteristic was very much evident in the telephonic interview given by the Presidential sibling on Wednesday Feb 10th evening to Ravi Velloor of the Singapore –based “Straits Times” barely 48 hours after the controversial arrest and detention of ex-Army commander and defeated Presidential election candidate General Sarath Fonseka.

Given the furore surrounding the arrest one may have expected the Defence secretary to be a little evasive or “diplomatic” in commenting about the retired four –star general but  Gotabhaya –true to form –  was  bluntly open and pulled no punches in answering.

When Velloor raised the issue of Govt fears that Fonseka was conspiring to lead a coup attempt Gotabhaya did not mince his words in replying. This is what he said -

“He was planning on a military rule. It was very clear in the latter stages, in the way he had spoken and addressed the people. He said he wouldn't allow the politicians to rob the military of the victory they had achieved and offer a political solution.

He was completely trying to isolate the politics and take the country on a different path. In his very last stages as army commander, he began bringing his people into Colombo and his regiment, positioning his senior regiment people all over.

All these things were looking like a military coup. He also took a keen interest in changing the previous navy commander (who was not well inclined towards him).

Whatever the merits or otherwise of the Defence secretary’s response, it certainly seemed to have impressed the newspaper concerned as the highlight of the interview. So much so that the heading given to the feature was “He was definitely planning a Coup.”


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