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The phenomenal fete of Sri Lanka’s armed forces

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The phenomenal fete of Sri Lanka’s armed forces
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There are many who believe a military option is not possible. Given that the UN Security Council’s 5 permanent members and the G8 nations account for 88% of the world’s arms trade can anyone envisage wars and conflicts coming to a close? Military solutions become unbelievable and unimaginable because the very powers that voice calls for peace are the very powers that manufacture and sell arms and ammunitions even going so far as to create scenarios for conflicts. Therefore for a developing nation such as Sri Lanka to actually program a military end to a 30 year conflict is an achievement for its success has been against not only the LTTE but against many of these powerful forces that do not desire for wars to end. Therefore, Sri Lanka’s success story should rightfully find its place in history books.

Sri Lanka’s conflict was categorized as "ethnic" for reasons that suited the existence of the conflict and it has merited those who desired to project Sri Lanka as riddled with ethnic tension. While the conflict benefited nations and Governments which perhaps "created" a new avenue to sell arms to both the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE, it also provided a means to train both parties, while supporting others through the "war industry" – new jobs within the UN, INGO, NGO groups, opening up of new offices in Sri Lanka, disbursement of monies, sensational stories to cover for media agencies and their reporters, facilitating influx of “refugees” that would fill voids in those nations while the LTTE pawn was able to launch their agenda which so long as it did not disturb the arms manufacturers and distributors would be allowed to continue unabated. Of course the LTTE did overstep their mandate by assassinating Rajiv Gandhi in India or did they?

This leads to another conspiracy theory but very little has happened to its international network as a result. Jane’s Intelligence reveals the LTTE’s illicit dealings account for USD250-300m annual profit and running costs just USD8m. We are aware that the LTTE international head has had a meeting arranged with Sir John Holmes (UN Under-Secretary) through the Norwegian Government. his shows the power of the LTTE’s international links which is likely not to be affected by the defeat in Sri Lanka’s North. This then leads us to wonder if the plan is for the LTTE to continue their very profitable enterprise in another state possibly Tamil Nadu which will meet the actual objectives of the Tamil people in creating a separate Tamil State for the 80million Tamils globally?

If arms sales and purchase is the name of the game we can ascertain that the premonition of a "uerilla"existence is to merely camouflage the attempts to keep the LTTE afloat purely on the grounds that the promoters of the movement desires to sustain the purchase of arms flow and the other revenues that is attached to it. So while we may think that the entire Tamil Diaspora backs the LTTE it is really not so – the Diaspora itself is divided (not equally) – there will be the Tamil gangs who provide the fisticuff methods to victimize fellow Tamils into filling the Tiger kitty and the larger Tamil populace who silently have to agree to and follow the underworld type dictates. How many human rights activists have ventured to address the grievances of these Tamils who are forced to contribute monthly? Have even the foreign MPs who are where they are because of these Tamil block votes ever tried to address these greater issues instead of promoting LTTE terrorism when their very nations have banned the LTTE?

The media has preferred to fashion Sri Lanka’s situation to cater to the agendas of the arms industry and the others who benefit from wars and conflicts. The actual and factual truth is often suppressed by false propaganda. The power of the arms industry and its associate entities has been so great that even world Governments have had little choice – either join and share whatever benefits are given or dare to challenge the status quo and face the consequences. This sadly has been the story behind the failures of Sri Lanka’s past leaders. Would anyone be surprised if $2.5 billion a year is paid in bribes within the arms industry!

When global military expenditure is $1.2trillion annually with 15 nations accounting for 83% of total spending would these nations be interested in listening to a nation that says “Sri Lanka does not have an ethnic problem”? It is a remarkable stroke of luck that within months of a new president taking over Sri Lanka, the LTTE decided to play pranks by closing the Mavil Arua anicut thus teasing the President-elect into action. Though Norway or the Monitoring Mission had little to say against the LTTE for the assassination of Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister – Lakshman Kadiragamar a Tamil and the assassination of Jeyraj Fernandopulle the Chief Govt Whip also a Tamil. The Mavil Aru incident has climaxed into a fete most Sri Lankans have thought impossible – even some of the Government’s ministers formerly worshippers of the 2002 Cease Fire Agreement must be pinching themselves to believe the present ground realities.

In fact, most of the military heads globally must themselves look in awe at how a relatively small armed force, with none of the sophisticated military equipment that the US army has at its disposal has been able to valiantly capture 15, of land illegally held by the LTTE and release Sri Lankan civilians from having to hand over their children to the LTTE child soldier brigade and adults being recruited as LTTE cadres and others having to pay LTTE taxes!


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