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The International Conspiracy


What were  the Superpowers doing when  our armed forces were defeating  the terrorist LTTE at Nandi kadal and Mullativu?

Japan had even sent a team of “tsunami experts” who unknown to the Government  did  build “a channel to launch underwater craft-a 360 ft. long, 25 ft. wide tunnel and a 300 ft. long and 30 ft. deep dock” .( The Island 4/9/2009. It was done to help the terrorists to get armaments and when  required to escape, which they could not do because of the very effective naval blockade. That was Yakushi Akashi, who posed as our saviour- who did 23 trips in those few years in the guise of helping us. Then in one unending chorous, the Superpowers-  Britain, the US, Norway, France, Canada- all of them pressurized our Government to stop the war- give the terrorists a new lease of life. That was very strange. This included Chief Officers of the United Nations and even Hilary Clinton the US Secretary of State. They hardly knew that we had a man of steel in Mahinda Rajapaksa- a man who could not be moved. He knew the art of handling the various Foreign Ministers and emissaries that emerged almost daily to advice him. They were all greeted, hosted, allowed to talk but were told in no uncertain terms what our plans were. If not for the sagacious manner in which he handled them, we would never have  defeated the terrorists. Their plan was to send an international force which we avoided. Last, the USA compiled- fabricated   incidents of atrocities to take our leaders before the International Courts for war crimes- the Courts that are now trying Karadavic. If similar incidents that did happen in Vietnam and recently in Iraq and Afghanistan are documented even the Pentagon will not have sufficient space to hold the paper documents.  Their threats could not pierce the mettle of our leader who was undeterred. Today- 12 th December the US House of Representatives has called for a report on how the Sri Lankan Government is addressing their war crimes dossier! The USA of all countries should understand that Sri Lanka is a sovereign country, because the USA was itself a colony of Britain. The USA had to fight a bitter war to become a sovereign nation

The UNP ruled Sri Lanka from December  2001 to 2004  and its record of handling  the economy  will reveal what could be expected if their protégé Sarath Fonseka ascends the Presidency. Till a few days ago it was said that immediately Sarath Fonseka is elected as President, he will dissolve Parliament and appoint Ranil Wickremasinghe as the caretaker Prime Minister and allocate two Ministries to the JVP and another two Ministries to the TNA. From yesterday this stance has changed and Ranil Wickremasinghe tells that he will not be the Caretaker Prime Minister. During the December 2001- April 2004 rule Wickremasinghe ruled according to the wishes of the Superpowers.  His Budget granted untold benefits to foreigners and foreign investors. They were granted incentives to come and plunder what is left in us. It was a Budget that “took Sri Lanka further steps towards poverty deeper deprivation and increased indebtedness….It is a total sell out to foreign investors and the rich… the rich are better off in taxation.”  He allowed foreigners to come and purchase land tax free, a right they do not have even in their own countries. Foreigners came in and bought prime land till it was stopped by no other than President Rajapaksa.  (Quotes are from Chapter 15 of my book:How the IMF Ruined Sri Lankla & Alternative Programs of Success(Godages)

The TNA follows the wishes of the LTTE diaspora and is guided by India. Indian interference is etched into our Constitution in the 13 th Amendment.                        

The JVP the other supporter of Sarath Fonseka  is well known in Sri Lanka for the two insurrections to capture power in 1971 and in 1987-1989. In 1971 the JVP attacked all Police Stations in a “Cuba” type of attack to capture power.  The Government of Sirimavo ably fought back. It was   found that North Korea had played a very subversive role in that insurrection and its Embassy in Colombo was immediately closed down  and the diplomats ordered out. I was then the Government Agent at Matara.                      

In the crucial days in April 1971,when the Government had lost control of the entire Matara District including Hakmana and Akuressa and we were holding only the towns of Matara, Dondra  and Weligama on the coast,  a very large ship appeared  close to our shores, unloaded a number of boats and were loading some things into them.  Sri Lanka never had that size of ship, not even today.   This was radioed to Colombo and an Air Force Plane came and machine gunned all the boats for over fifteen minutes. The ship reloaded the boats and suddenly left. This fact is known to me and the Gemunu Watch commander Major Wettasinghe  who had his  light machine gun loaded targeting it, but he said that the ship was just beyond its reach. It was a tense situation where we expected a foreign force to land on our shores and we were saved by our Air Force.                     

The 1971 uprising was an attempt by a foreign power to take over the entire country. It was like the Communists of Afghanistan inviting the Russians into Afghanistan in 1979. The JVP of today appears to be acting for a foreign power exactly in the way they did in 1971.           

As I write these words (13/12) news is out that a mystery plane, loaded with  35 tonnes of lethal weapons-including surface to air missile launchers, and twenty four  240 mm guns, so far never used, all documented as oil drilling equipment,  had to be refueled at Don Mueng Airport at Thailand. The arms were valued at $ 18 million. It was said to be heading for Sri Lanka. It had come from North Korea accompanied by 4 persons from Kazaksthan and Beralus.  It is important to note that North Koreans master minded the 1971 insurrection in Sri Lanka  In entire South Asia, Sri Lanka is the most destabilized country today. Perhaps the plane  was heading here. My memory goes to Zimbabwe where in 2004 a plane laden with weaponry and mercenaries led by Simon Mann, former Commander of G squadron 22 of the SAS(UK) had to land to refuel. The smart sleuths of President Mugabe found that the plane was heading for Equitorial Guinea, impounded the weapons and incarcerated the mercenaries.  That  was an attempt to stage a coup and take over an oil rich country, financed by Sir  Mark Thatcher, son of  former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  The SAS officer and others caught were later jailed in Guinea and pardoned in 2009. Mann says that tacit approval for the regime change came from the Pentagon, CIA and the big oil companies.(Guardian.Co.Uk:2/11/2009).  The ‘buddhist’ sleuths of Thailand may fail to get the terrorists to speak.           

The national minded members of the JVP have left under Wimal  Weerawansa’s leadership.  Thanks to them they have joined the Patriotic National Movement.             

To add to this is the revealation made by Ranil Wickremasinghe to the effect that his  Party Manifesto “Anagata Abiyogaya” he had put out last week was printed by an undisclosed foreign organization.  In other words the UNP is acting as a hireling for a foreign power- the terms seem to be to support Sarath Fonseka as the President.           

There is room to think that the USA and the other Superpowers are now trying to covertly defeat  President Rajapaksa  at the Presidential Election by supporting Sarath Fonseka and the opposition – the UNP  and the JVP. Robert Blake the Assistant Secretary who was recently in Sri Lanka has said that the US will not take sides in this Presidential Election.           

However, it is important to note that the USA has a record of interfering in the internal affairs of  foreign countries when their rulers do not adhere to the ways of thinking of the  Superpowers. If the countries fail to adhere to the IMF rules by which the multinationals are allowed to plunder the resources, and have dealings with other countries like Iran and China, then that country has to be destabilized.  The modus operandi is to offer advice and help at first and if necessary let lose the CIA goons. The instances  range from Lumumba in the Congo to what is currently happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Details are included of a few instances where the record shows that the USA has blood on its hands.            

In the Congo, Patrice Lumumba was elected as the Prime Minister of Congo. At the inauguration instead of being thankful,  he insulted his former colonial Master- he said that Belgium should apologise for the pillage and plunder done by them.  In a matter of ten weeks, “Lumumba’s Government was deposed in a coup… he was subsequently imprisoned and murdered in circumstances suggesting  complicity by the Governments of Belgium and the US(Wikipedia)                    

In Iran, “the 1953 Iranian Coup d’etat deposed the democratically elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mossadeq.  The USA CIA overthrew  the Government of Mossadeq at the request of the British Government and enabled Mohamed Reza Pahlavi to become an authoritarian monarch who went on to rule Iran.. till 1979.”(Wikipedia)           

What happened in Chile in the Sixties rings bells of what is happening in Sri Lanka today. In Chile, In 1962 the CIA  received authority to carry on covert action projects in support of the Chilean Radical Party and the Christian Democratic Party. … to assist these Parties to attract  larger followings… to influence political orientation to support US objectives in the Region ,,,  to support efforts to split the Socialist party….The CIA was tasked to support continued unilateral placements of propaganda in the mass media to influence public opinion against leftist public opinion,  against leftist parties and candidates…  In 1970 Allende was elected President. President Nixon instructed the CIA  to unseat Allende and authorized $ 10 million.  President Nixon  specifically directed that this action be carried out by the CIA  without advising the Departments of State or Defence  or the US Ambassador in Chile.  CIA took a variety of actions-… making overtures to the military, initiating efforts to promote public opposition to Allende (  A coup’d’etat was planned- it included  the abduction of General Schneider, a strong supporter of Allende. His men guarded Allende day and night. In the process General Schneider was  killed. Schneider was a strict constitutionalist and was therefore an obstacle to US efforts  to promote a military intervention. Scheneider’s murder was classified as collateral damage(Foreign Affairs: Nov-Dec2003).During Allende’s regime 1970-1973, $ 6.5 million was spent  for covert activities against Allende.  In September 1973 the Chilean military  staged a coup against Allende, who is said to have shot himself or was assassinated. (  

It is sad to state that what is happening in Sri Lanka today is similar  to the very process of foreign conspiracy that unseated President Allende, with perhaps many Superpowers having a hand in the pie.            

It is upto the citizens of Sri Lanka be they followers of any political party to open their eyes to the nefarious conspiracies  of the Superpowers- understand that our beloved political parties including the UNP that won our independence have been totally infiltrated and riddled by the Superpowers to do their bidding. We have to stand firm as a nation.           

The Party System of politics has been bequeathed  to us by the Britain to keep us divided and fighting. It is a system where one half of the people stand opposed to whatever good work that the elected majority engage in. Right throughout my eighteen years in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service, I have had to negotiate between warring people’s groups divided on political party lines. Development work done by the Government, be it a  bridge, a road, an anicut are only to be broken by the people of the opposing political party immediately afterwards.  That has been our fate.
If we fail to go beyond party politics and guard our beloved motherland at this Critical moment in history, it will be the end of Sri Lanka as a sovereign nation. 

It is perhaps a travesty of fate that the foremost Superpower,  the USA does not realize the fact that President Rajapaksa has contributed  to World Development by not only defeating terrorism but also by dismantling the LTTE drug trafficking and extortion network  which was world wide. All the Developed Countries stand to benefit from this.   It was a task that their CIA, MI5 and many other security  organizations have miserably failed. No other  country leader has accomplished  such a task for the USA and other Superpowers. I hope Assistant Secretary Robert Blake will realize this fact.           
The USA stands to gain more by helping the democratic forces in Sri Lanka than by attempting to subvert it.  The USA has to realize for once that it will gain more in prestige and dignity by allowing a sovereign country to attend to its own affairs, without  interference.

Garvin Karunaratne
Former Government Agent, Matara District.


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