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Sri Lanka and the Bombay Bombing


Whilst we do most sincerely feel sorry for the innocent men, women and children who were brutally killed in this horrific terrorist attack by mindless terrorists, there is almost no one in this country who has any sympathy for the Indian establishment. They draw a distinction between the people who suffered and the Indian establishment. The reason for this feelings of dislike bordering on hate is because they claim quite justifiably that it is the Indian establishment and its hegemonic attitude that unleashed terror on our country from 1982 and is once again seeking bully us into stopping our war against the terrorist LTTE. At least one hundred thousand of our citizens have died over the past twenty five years and many are dieing even as we write as a consequence of the terror they unleashed. This is why there is so much hatred, not for the Indian people but for the Indian institutions which make up the government.

Till the LTTE took on the IPKF in October 1987, the people of this country, always blamed the RAW for the terrorist attacks, including the Pettah bus bomb that killed over one hundred innocent commuters. That was indeed just one incident of many; it was reported that there had been an attempt to blow-up the sewerage system of Colombo; mercifully that had been thwarted. This attempt was also said to have been a RAW operation. People of this country also recall with anger the threat to invade and the infamous violation of our sovereignty with their ‘Parippu drop’, to bring the Vadamarachchi operation to a halt and of how they saved Prabhakaran.

It would be recalled (and there is absolute proof from Indian sources itself) that India armed and trained over five thousand Tamil youths in camps in India. Retired Indian military officers, particularly those who had served in combat units were paid high salaries to train the youth and transform them into terrorists. They were trained in the wastelands along the coast in Ramanathanpuram District. The target ——Sri Lanka and the objective creation of the separate state of Eelam by dividing Sri Lanka!

Ramanathanpuram is only an hour away by motor boat from the coast of Jaffna The Indian coastguard and the Indian Navy were ordered to turn a blind eye to the smuggling of weapons into Jaffna.

There were at least twelve such camps including one near Kumbakonam and another at Meenabambakkam on the outskirts of Chennai. There were also training camps in North India. Besides the arms provided from the Indian military, arms were obtained from Dr. George Habbash’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (which also trained LTTE cadres –this came to light when some of them were arrested by the Israeli security forces – they incidentally gave Sinhalese names after their arrest) and some other rogue states with monies provided by the Indian authorities particularly at State level. The Indian government allowed Chennai to become their headquarters. Some militant Tamils were given Indian passports to travel abroad to mobilize their Diaspora and arrange for arms shipments.

Given above are the operational bases of the LTTE that existed in India between 1984 and 1986:

It would be recalled that MG Ramachandran not only gave huge sums of money but also obtained arms for the militants. The Indian army supplied the mines and it was one of those mines that killed 13 soldiers and set off the 1983 massacre of innocent Tamils in Colombo and elsewhere.

It is, in a sense tragic irony that it was the Indian army that taught the LTTE military tactics that were used against them between October 1987 and 1991 and enabled the LTTE to kill one thousand two hundred of their soldiers and maim a further two thousand. It is being said, cruelly perhaps, referring to the Mumbai bombings, that there is much truth in the saying "that’s poetic justice" or ‘Karma Vipaka’. The Indian people and we, both believe in ‘Karma’ and it is unfortunate that the soldiers had to pay with their lives for the sins committed by Indira Gandhi and her coterie of hegemons. Indira paid with her life for her sins, that was justice indeed. Perhaps the curses of our people and invoking the power of Goddess Kali to avenge what was done to us also paid off.

Let us all hope that the Indian establishment would not, (to divert the attention of the people from their present predicament), seek to threaten us again and demand that we stop the war and save the terrorist to they created and who had Rajiv Gandhi and one thousand two hundred of their soldiers killed. If India does so she would not only transform a ‘blood relative’ into a permanent enemy, but would also drive us to seek our security from countries inimical to India’s security interests; that would create a huge new problem for India and worsen the situation on the subcontinent.

In recent times India has been in violation of the letter and spirit of the Indo Lanka Agreement. It would be recalled that after three years in this country India DID NOT disarm the LTTE, (though she had one hundred thousand troops on the ground here at one time) as was required by the Agreement. Today Indian territory is being used to undermine the security of this country, arms were being smuggled to the LTTE till recently through India’s territorial waters, also in violation of the Indo-Lanka Agreement. The chance arrest of the MV Maria alone provided adequate evidence of this. Further, enormous hatred is being whipped up against this country and this could lead to unwelcome consequences for both countries.

After India successfully destabilized this country in the 1980s her second objective was to have an economic stranglehold on the country, that remains an ongoing exercise. Today it has been reported that she has a third objective and is meddling in our internal affairs seeking to establish a regime suited to her needs. Apparently India does not favour our present government and is consorting with the Opposition to have the government defeated. We cannot be certain as to whether this is at the instance of the Indian government or an independent action of RAW or an lone initiative of the Operative. Whatever it be the government needs to wake up and take steps to ensure not only its own security but also the security of the country before the bell tolls for us all.

Meanwhile the war between the Pakistan ISI and the Indian RAW has intensified. The Afghanistan bomb at the Indian Embassy which killed the Indian Defence Attache did not go without a counter punch; now we have the Mumbai slaughter; there is little doubt in the minds of the people and government of India that it is the work of the ISI and the Kashmiris. It is no doubt silly to think that the perpetrators of the crime would have left a trail or their ‘fingerprints’ but of course there would be the confession of the suicide bomber who was fortunately caught. It seems that the Pakistan would have known anything about it is in their interest to agree to an international court, perhaps the International Criminal Court hearing the case.

There have been many instances when the ISI has acted on its own as has the Pakistan army (Kargil) about which Prime Minister Navas Shariff knew nothing about; there is no real Command and Control structure in place in Pakistan and civilian governments are at the mercy of the Army and the ISI. As for India, the many books written on the activities of RAW indicate that though it is very much more under the control of the democratic leadership of the country, there have been instances where they have acted on their own as did happen in Sri Lanka in the 1980s and early 90s. My fear is that if these two nuclear states clash we can become the ham in the sandwich. When Chernobyl leaked, the radio active clouds came over Europe with disastrous consequences. The nuclear facility at Kalpakkam in Tamil Nadu is not far from our shores and with Pakistan’s long range missiles armed with Nuclear warheads we could either be at the receiving end of the radio active clouds or if the missile overshoots it could be cahoots for this country.,

We have been given to understand that the Indian Foreign Minister Mukherjee is due to visit this country in an effort to stop the war to please Karunanidhi and the supporters of terrorism in Tamil Nadu —-our answer to him should be "do your damnest—enough is enough"!


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