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SL’s economy must be run just like the elections - Page 4

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SL’s economy must be run just like the elections
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Winning at any cost
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Winning at any cost

May be I am too aggressive when I say this but, in today’s world the ethos is winning at any cost. It’s not how you played the game. The election was a classic example to this fact. Coming from a sports background I commend those candidates who played the game strong right to end and won. I know of one candidate who employed all his school mates to man the counting centers. This is the spirit we need to run the Sri Lanka economy too.

Competition for Sri Lanka is very tight. Kenya in the tea industry, Bangladesh in the Apparel Industry, the emerging of Cassia in the Cinnamon industry that is dominated by the Sri Lanka is what Sri Lanka is up against. On the Tourism from Malaysin, Cambodia, Thailand and India is what we have to fight against. Competitors spend millions of dollars to woe consumers in to their brands and countries. This is the entrenched competition that we are up against. We have to win at any cost and there is no excuse for non delivery. If we do not we cannot bridge the budget deficit or the ballooning trade gap.


Whilst being upbeat on the new chapter unfolding in Sri Lanka, we as a nation should be known for the ‘home grown economic model’ that has helped achieved a double digit economic growth. We must also drive towards zero poverty, zero child mortality and zero un employment levels which are all achievable goals. However, we must be smarter post the IPL fiasco and ensure a strong regulator exist so that we do not allow entrepreneurship drive corruption.

If we do not do have a strong regulator from an industry wise basis, we might move to the same dilemma just like what has happened to IPL. To be honest, I do not blame Laith Modi and his team for the fiasco of IPL but the policy makers like BCCI for not regulating this industry. Entrepreneurship drive development and regulating it in mid stream can kill the industry. We must ensure we avoid this happening in Sri Lanka whilst we take the election spirit to running the economy.

~ The Island ~ By Rohantha Athukorala

Athukorala is a double recipient of the "Marketing Achiever of the year award in Sri Lanka and a Business Achiever Award from PIM Alumni University of Sri Jayewardenepura. He also won a Business Achievement Award from the Johnson-Lever Industrial business for business leadership. Currently the Head of National Portfolio Development for Sri Lanka and Maldives in the United Nations Operations (UNOPS) and sits on the Management Team of the Sri Lankan Mission too. Athukorala is a past member of the sovereign rating team for Sri Lanka in the Central Bank and Chairman of the Sri Lanka Export Development Board and National Council for Economic Development (NCED) when the country crossed the 7.4% GDP growth. He has served two Presidents of Sri Lanka in his tenure of service to the country.


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