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SL’s economy must be run just like the elections - Page 3

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SL’s economy must be run just like the elections
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Passionate delivery
Winning at any cost
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Passionate delivery

If we analyze the most successful candidates of the general elections a key feature that stands out is the passionate delivery of activity at the ground end. Be it the house-to-house leaflet operation or the reminder telephone campaign it was done with a lot of passion. We need to extend this into the detail dynamics when implementing the economic development initiatives.

This is especially a tough task given the Financial Regulations (FRs) and the Administrative Regulations (ARs) that come in to play, but it has to be worked around. If not, all the beautiful strategy documents will only collect dust just like what has been in the past. A key point that needs to be highlighted is the million of cabinet appointed committee reports that keep getting collected over time. This must ideally be curtailed and more emphasis given for driving passionate implementation just like the elections.

If I am to take some national projects that I was personally involved in that Sri Lanka where passionate delivery was seen in Sri Lanka. One of them was the first Hikaduwa Beach Festival that was staged by the Ministry of Tourism at the height of the ground operation against the LTTE in 2008. This event attracted almost 17,000 people in to Hikkaduwa and its surroundings properties that was a total sell out.

The Sri Lankan Designer Festival in 2009 was another project that demonstrated passionate delivery in the Apparel industry. The model Public-Private partnership that was used, came out very successfully where the industry in chorus told the world buyers please practice ethical purchasing so that Sri Lanka can practice ethical manufacturing.

We need to use such model in other industries too which has driven a culture of being bias for action.

This is especially important as we as a nation are perceived to be having an island mentality instinct that is quite laid back.

Take the high ground

Going back to the elections once again, some of the candidates who garnered the highest preferential votes were candidates that took a very strong stance in their campaign and there by cutting through the clutter. Meaning, those who aimed very high made it to parliament. This was either by the single minded campaign idea or the money’s spent on the campaign. Incidentally this beaviour was seen by the new comers. My take out is that we need similar thinking in running the Sri Lankan economy, if we are to achieve a 8-10% GDP growth.

If I am to take an example the world’s chocolate nation it is not a nation that either grows cocoa processes cocoa. But it happens to be a land lock nation called Switzerland. The only reason they succeeded is because of the high ground stance the decided to take and then stuck by this decision over time.

I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the cricketing extravaganza of India- IPL. Be that it may on the scandal that has emerged, the fact of the matter is that it’s a powerful idea that has been creatively crafted to take the high ground of the game that undoubtedly has become the super bowl of India.

We must draw a few lessons from the innovative steps that India took to make this a money spinner for the Indian Economy. We need to take a similar high ground with strong financial commitment in our thirst to searching oil in Mannar, the making of the 2nd international airport in Hambantota, driving a novel Tourism project in Kalpitiya, launching of BPO’s in Jaffna or in the making of Sri Lanka a hub port in South Asia so that Sri Lanka also create an IPL for the economy.

We must make Sri Lanka known to be the nation that beat terrorism and now the economic tiger of Asia. A point to note is that we will enjoy this fan fare from the world only for two year duration the most. After that, another country will become a buzz nation in the world stage so we have to make the most of it. Currently, National Geography has ranked Sri Lanka the 2nd most recommended place to visit and the New York times has selecting us to be in the top ten growth nation of the world. We now need to make this recognition into driving foreign investment in to the country of diversifying our export portfolio.


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