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Norway eats "American Pie"

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Norway eats "American Pie"
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........And I knew if I had my chance, That I could make those people dance, And maybe they’d be happy for a while ....... Bad news on the doorstep I couldn't take one more step

It is all over, the floodgates have finally opened, more than 100,000 civilians already have crossed over to the safety and security of Sri Lanka government (GOSL).

The Tamil Diaspora agitated worldwide. Emotions are high. Words like ‘genocide’ are thrown around carelessly as per the dictates of crass politicking. Fed for years on an opiate called Eelam, and having secured considerable benefits courtesy Eelamist propaganda including citizenship in Western capitals and lifestyles unimaginable by the thousands held captive by Prabhakaran, it is but natural for these people to scream until they are hoarse at this historic moment when the bubble of Eelam is about to be blown in their faces.

The stakes are too high for them to be silent because Prabhakaran’s end would be the beginning of unravelling a massive lie they’ve sold to gullible politicians in the countries they are now resident in. So, Mr and Mrs. Refugee, now voters in some small precinct in England, are forced to stop Mr or Ms. Representative and demand that he/she do his/her all to help Prabhakaran come out of this alive. Their future depends on it and they’d do their darnedest to make sure their representatives’ political future dependent on it as well. We can understand, therefore, the ‘agitation’ currently experienced by people like David Milliband. We can understand also the agony of Norway. Less clear is the agony of Robert O Blake, the US Ambassador for Sri Lanka.

Norway’s Shame, America’s Disgrace

Norway has been the erstwhile facilitator of many failed attempts at peace with the LTTE. Not many will know that Norway was being Uncle Sam’s cat’s paw in these adventures, which by the way are not limited to Sri Lanka. They failed in Kosovo, in Aceh, in Sudan and in the Middle East. Norway in the process has lost all credibility as a neutral facilitator in peace building exercises by its own partisan actions on the diplomatic front as well as on the ground in its monitoring aspects. With the defeat of the LTTE in the Wanni particularly in the Killinochichi district, evidence has surfaced and continues to surface of Norway’s material assistance to an internationally designated terrorist organisation. However, without subtly moving out of the biggest diplomatic setback of its history Norway has continued its destabilisation activities not only in Sri Lanka but is also aggressively working to undermine the anti LTTE Congress Government particularly the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and the Gandhi family.

The Norwegian Ambassador went to Malaysia to have secret talks with one of the most wanted terrorists in the world Selvaraja Padmanathan (the internationally wanted terrorist KP) and had arranged discussions for him with John Holmes. Not satisfied with that Eric Solheim went to the extent of calling LTTE’s Nadesan to brief him on progress of their diplomatic efforts to work out the modalities for a ceasefire since they felt information was not properly being conveyed along the chain of communication to Prabhakaran.

Interestingly, the American ambassador Robert O Blake who is being described by many in Colombo in Churchill’s words of "A modest little person with much to be modest about" came to the defence of the Norwegians, which was followed by Boucher proposal for a ceasefire for negotiations brought about by a third party (Norwegians). Not surprising, however, since Blake himself was directly talking to a terrorist group that is banned in the US, the LTTE.

With the CFA in tatters Norway’s Prabakaran may want to die to be immortalised. But if does die in committing suicide as it is expected then the Eelam dream in Sri Lanka dies with him. He has to be smuggled out and for this to happen he sorely needs the assistance of a terrorist (LTTE) sympathising country that has submarine capability like Norway or India. Luckily Sri Lanka’s Navy had anticipated this kind of eventuality from Norway or India (especially after the Indians set up a military base in Pulmoddai) and acquired new underwater detection and combat capabilities. It now remains to be seen whether any of these countries would dare the Sri Lanka Navy and risk being exposed internationally.

LTTE operatives working openly in Oslo recently attacked the Sri Lankan Embassy. Norway, true to form, had declined a request by the mission for protection. The perpetrators of this terrorist attack, needless to say, remain at large. Clearly, the Government of Sri Lanka should move immediately to down grade the mission to a consulate or terminate diplomatic relationships altogether.

Otherwise these Diaspora attacks on Sri Lankan missions in Tamil Nadu, Toronto, Norway, will continue with impunity. I wonder what the world would have to say if some extremists were to attack some Norwegian embassy, some Norwegian diplomat or a national somewhere. Impose sanctions on that particular country? A further measure would be to formally ask Norway to step down from the group of Co-Chairs who continue to issue statements more than 2 years after the CFA ceased to exist.

The Government must take a cue from other countries that have refused to play ball with the mischievous (mild term by the way) Norwegians. We should not be surprised when Norwegian diplomats are chased out from countries such as Ethiopia or when Norwegian diplomats come under terrorist attacks inside hotels in Pakistan.

Norway is a bad boy, as bad as bad can be. And yet Robert O Blake defends this little devil. Why?

Now it is also reported that Blake’s bosses have threatened to stop Sri Lanka from getting an IMF loan unless GOSL agrees to a permanent ceasefire (which what the Tigers too want) and allows safe passage for Prabhakaran out of the island. Why?


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