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The next earthquake - Are we prepared?

Introduction. The 11th of March 2012 is a red letter day in our Disaster Management calender. We experienced the tremors of an earthquake and were given a tsunami warning, which resulted in chaos in Colombo. Office staff vacated their seats and poured into the streets. Vehicles were at a standstill. The reason for this panic I believe is their recollection of the destruction caused by the 2004 disaster. It will be recollected that on the 26th. January 2004 we were hit by an earthquake and tsunami that caused havoc and the death of thousands. We were totally unprepared for such a disaster. This was mainly due to the fact that at that time we did not know what a tsunami was. In fact there were jokes to the effect that the Foreign Ministry on being notified that a tsunami was arriving, sent a delegation to the airport to welcome the Japanese guests!


The Republic of Sri Lanka: Forty Years of Complete Independence

Forty years ago, on May 22, 1972, at the Navarangahala in Colombo, the Parliamentarians of Sri Lanka concluded two years of sitting there as the Constituent Assembly, by passing and accepting the new autochthonous Constitution of Sri Lanka. This home grown Constitution was formulated de novo by the elected representatives of the people of Sri Lanka, and was not derived in any way from the Constitution that was imposed on Sri Lanka by the British rulers, the Soulbury Constitution. By declaring Sri Lanka to be a Republic, the umbilical cord that tied us to the British crown was severed once and for all, and Sri Lanka became a fully independent country, free from British rule.


JVP dissident female firebrand reveals it all

Dharma Dimuthu Attigalle is a politburo member of the JVP. She was one of the three said to be sacked by the Somawansa Faction of the party for supporting the dissident group led by Kumar Gunaratnam alias Kumar Mahattaya, the so called underground leader of the party.  Better known by her alias name Krishanthi, she is one who survived the massive annihilation of JVPers by the UNP between 1987 and 90.


Colombo Flood Another Beggar’s Wound?

After all the work done in beautifying the City of Colombo or making it a Miracle City or Wonder of Asia, it will be sad if we see everything getting washed down the drain when a heavy rainfall plays havoc on the lives of the city dwellers rich and poor. Right now if only we look at what is happening in the city of Bangkok in Thailand it should serve as a timely warning for us living in our coastal Capital City of Colombo.

The question the writer of this article wishes to raise first is whether the problem has really no solution or are we bypassing a readily available multipurpose solution proposed, for better profiteering, such attitude can only be compared to the popularly known story of the Beggar’s Wound, that he does not want healed for profit related reasons.


Criticism of Sri Lanka ignores Tiger threat

THE criticism of Sri Lanka's President Mahinda Rajapaksa, when he visited Australia for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, left the key Sri Lankan villain out of the story.

The criticism was that the Sri Lankan government engaged in serious human rights abuses, shelling areas where civilians were present, at the end of its civil war with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, in May last year.

Both sides committed atrocities in this war, but the defeat of the Tamil Tigers was a decisive defeat of perhaps the bloodiest and most murderous terrorist group the world has seen.

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