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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why? - Page 4

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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why?
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It is a shame that many of Sri Lanka's critics - the westerners living abroad are unable to understand the scenario in Sri Lanka. Can they not pause to wonder how over 50% of Tamils are living amongst Sinhalese if there was discrimination & the worse case of genocide taking place. Nothing of the sort that took place between the Hutus & the Tutsi's ever took place in Sri Lanka. If so, No Tamils should be alive, why should Tamils continue to arrive from the North & settle in the South amongst the Sinhalese. Given the argument that ethnic cleansing is taking place - shouldn't these Tamils be scurrying to reside in the North. Why is the North having fewer & fewer Tamils residing there & why is there more influx amongst the Sinhalese??? Similarly, an Eelaam is not meant for the Tamil Diaspora to be happy at what they have created or for Colombo Tamils to remain where they are amongst the Sinhalese & rejoice that they have carved out a separate homeland. "Separatism" is not a game. Therefore, it bemoans those in Colombo to be a little more sincere when they happily move with the Sinhalese & yet give an averse story about "grievances" is these dishonest claims that has dragged this issue for years. What are these them...let us even know what they are, because these grievances seem to emerge only for arguments sake & are never tabled to actually find solutions. This is one reason why Tamil parliamentarians become equally guilty as are the other politicians....why have none of them actually simply asked to name the grievances....couldn't the solutions have been found?

So we have Tamils living cordially with the Sinhalese, Tamil politicians also living also amongst the Sinhalese but for their own gains they bring up the "grievance" "discrimination" factor. Is this fair & is this ethical? Were the Tamils actually thinking of living in an Tamil Eelaam with Prabakaran as their leader when they are all well aware that Prabakaran had even killed his own confidantes who had fallen out with him? None of the Colombo Tamils would have left Colombo to live in Tamil Eelaam, none of the Tamil Diaspora would have left their western climes, the Eastern Tamils were looked down by Prabakaran thus Karuna & PIllayan leaving it, the Estate Tamils are never considered as Tamils ......therefore we question again for who was this Eelaam for?

This makes us wonder more & more if the 1983 riots was actually a staged attempt to depict the Sinhalese as monsters & to enable Tamils to gain residency abroad & to launch a propaganda drive that would have India playing a lead role. All these were never any brainchild of Prabakaran he was merely the pawn who naturally was happy so long as he remained in the spotlight. If Prabakaran started a pawn & remained a pawn so must have been others in the LTTE hierarchy & if we look at the dynamics of the politics taking place & shape globally we are relieved that India has not been late to understand that the Eelaam struggle was being used to actually destabilize not Sri Lanka but India by western forces thus India's backing for Sri Lanka at the UN & UNHRC & while we can disregard comments made by Chiddambaran as playing to the Indian political gallery, we should be thankful regarding the statement of India's Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon & these are in deed golden words "a political solution for the National Question is a Sri Lankan affair and it is not the task of India, Norway or the United Nations to push Sri Lanka towards a political solution". Notice how he says National Question & doesn't say Tamil Question. This is coming a long way & we should appreciate this statement while also understanding that India's politicos are no different to ours in what they many of them actually even believe what they say?

Then into this Eelaam quest we have had a very large & influential set of players all put together & referred to as the NGOs/INGOs & UN. These are the new players in politics who are influencers of society & act probably on behalf of foreign governments as most of them have direct ties to governments which often channel aid to countries through these private organizations based on an argument that Governments of developing nations are corrupt. Agreed - but are these NGOs/INGOs all doves & paragons on virtue? They have been at work for years but there is no end to poverty, not much alleviation of poverty either, human rights abuses still prevail none of them has been even able to get the US to sign the Kyoto Protocol not even the former US VP who is now the champion of world climate change! They started out by protesting on streets but now they are into policy making & feel they have the answers to all the worlds woes & to this we should add the media outlets most of whom just want to sell a story & add to their profit! So when we question transparency & accountability we immediately wonder why NGOs/INGOs who were officed close to the LTTE headquarters in Kilinochchi did not report on the LTTE's procurement of arms, its operations, its child recruitment etc....the LTTE was never a legitimate entity for any NGO/INGO or even UN official to think they had to keep silent & just watch...didn't the LTTE collected arms that would kill innocent people. Therefore, we again question why these NGOs/INGO think they should have to keep mum about what the LTTE was doing under their very noses. Therefore when accusations emerge about links with NGOs/INGOs & even some media outlets & their personnel & accusations that they are being paid by the LTTE we are not at all surprised....especially so when we wonder how the LTTE made such massive earth bunds to be only told late that the equipment & heavy machinery used was "stolen" from one of these NGOs. Until NGOs/INGOs/UN & media outlets absolve themselves from the accusations within their entities of corruption, mismanagement & links with terror groups they are not going to be credible in the eyes of the public. In Sri Lanka we are well aware of how the 3000 NGOs/INGOs have functioned - presently the local NGOs are now openly accusing the international NGOs/INGOs of using the innocent Tamil civilians to humiliate the Government & the toilet example becomes a case in point. They are a rich entity & play with emotions of kind hearted people from whom they gain their deposits. Over 60% of the monies go towards their own upkeeping & a small number actually go towards the downtrodden - there are enough of cases to project through the tsunami to the present conflict in Sri Lanka. Today, in the eyes of the public NGOs/INGOs media outlets & even the UN have all lost their panache - most of Sri Lanka's public look down upon them for they have seen through their lies. Even the UN head is a mere puppet of the US...can we expect world peace!

Just as we question the Eelam & who it is for, we should question who actually want it - if the majority of Tamils desire to live amongst the Sinhalese we should finally call the bluff & put an end to this nonsense once & for all. Sri Lanka has no desire for devolution which will end up breeding another set of politicians who desire only to remain in power. It is better to have one entity that the public will have greater control over so that politicians themselves know that their existence in power remains in their ability to deliver the goods & services to its people.

Shenali Waduge ~ ~


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