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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why? - Page 3

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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why?
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Sri Lanka is urged not to take too seriously the bellows by Tamil Nadu politicians whether in the ruling or opposition for it is purely on the grounds that they are well aware of India's role in Sri Lanka vis a vis the Tamils & their desire to make use of this for their own political gain & with no sincerity towards Tamils of Sri Lanka. So, if India's Central Government is sometimes exasperated by Tamil Nadu politicos it is as a result of its own errors in judgement. India's Central Government has given Tamil Nadu enough reason to use the "Tamil" theme for political gains. The first mistake was to arm Sri Lanka's rebels, the second was to airlift & save a cornered Prabakaran in 1987, the third was to send Indian troops to Sri Lanka & force Sri Lanka to accept a quasi-federal model & introduce Provincial Council system & the 13th amendment & to also silently allow the LTTE to use Tamil Nadu as a base to supply arms, ammunition & even have LTTE cadres gain medical treatment as well as allow Tamil Nadu politicians to have cordial relations with the LTTE despite the LTTE using Tamil Nadu as the very ground to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. India would have preferred to allow the use of Tamil Nadu to supply arms, fuel & other requirements for the LTTE so that they would be aware of what was going through to the LTTE but they could not have been na‹ve to the fact that the LTTE was also running a very strong illegal network that involved global narcotics, human smuggling, illegal arms smuggling & links to other terrorists even rebel movements like the Maoists in India - very influential men who are wanted by Interpol but manages to escape. So, we all the while question why would India allow the LTTE to grow from strength to strength - was India so sure that it would be able to overcome the LTTE if it went beyond its mandate - didn't the LTTE go beyond its mandate when it assassinated Rajiv Gandhi? We know that the IPKF operation was a half hearted initiative that purely had India formulating a provincial council system that would unite the North & East providing greater advantage if India had no alternative but to militarily intervene in Sri Lanka (merger would also secure for India the Trincomalee harbor if India did militarily intervene in Sri Lanka). Yet, contrary to IPKF heads proudly declaring that the "peace" operation would be complete within months....India eventually had to turn back on their promise to usher peace through the Indo-Lanka Accord & turn their operation into a military one. Which still surprises us why no one has made use of the "Right to Information Act" to demand of the Indian Government how much India spent on the rebels though the late 1970s, 1980s which eventually eliminated 2000 Indian army lives? But, then the LTTE made a mockery out of the Indians who eventually had to leave having had to compete not only with the LTTE but a Sri Lankan Government (R. Premadasa) who armed, financed the LTTE just to chase the Indians out of Sri Lanka. Was India's last option to actually make the North & East a part of Tamil Nadu if things really went out of hand?

What we need to post-LTTE defeat is to accept that it was the follies of the leaders (foreign or local) who gave to the LTTE their superior status & helped create an environment that the LTTE was invisible & impossible to defeat. It was easy for the LTTE to read through the politics that prevailed & to take all these players for a good jolly ride manipulating their peace formulas, manipulating their negotiations & manipulating all efforts they made for the LTTE knew that just as they were insincere to these efforts so were all these other players. This is the unfortunate truth of the three decades of terror that has destroyed Sri Lanka's society.

In a cosmopolitan world can a community envisage life without mixing with other communities & what guarantees can this community give that discord will not emerge within their own community especially when we are well aware that Tamils are very much divided by century's old caste systems? The Tamil community even now have different water tumblers to offer those who are low caste in their homes, they shun people who marry outside of their caste...are these divides not as important to uproot & change or should they be changed? India has made little progress to change the status of the Dalits & other "untouchables", we saw how the US treated the blacks of Katrina. Therefore, the UN needs to seriously address this "self-determination" ideology & discourage its existence completely. Issues that bond emotions & attract divergent interests should never be used to camouflage sinister plans that are afoot to create global disharmony & players that are accepted globally must use their office wisely & responsibly & not end up puppets of these sinister plans!


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