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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why? - Page 2

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Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why?
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When arms, training & financial assistance is given to men who have no hope of making a proper livelihood it is not difficult to understand the obvious results. Who was Prabakaran? He was essentially a low-caste Tamil from a fishing village. He like all the other rebels India trained eventually made terrorism their means of livelihood. Most of these rebels had not studied, they were marginalized amongst their own community first by the caste factor & then by their own disadvantage in not having studied. Yes, standardization of the 70s would have upset some Tamils, but those who were upset were the Jaffna Tamils & mostly the high caste Vellala Tamils who really opposed standardization because their quotas would get divided & would include Tamils of Trincomalee, Mannar, Batticola areas (who had hitherto had none of the luxuries the Jaffna Tamils had) How would a Prabakaran who never studied beyond O/L's have any personal grievance regarding standardization - how could he enter any university when he hadn't studied? Similarly, how would a Prabakaran who had little or no links to Sinhalese hate them enough to start an armed struggle more so how can he have any grievance when he hasn't even worked in the State sector or even the private sector - Prabakaran's first & only employment was in terrorism & his employers eventually became evil men living abroad whose only aim was to use "emotional" attachments into a global terror movement? What Tamils do not like to accept & project is that Prabakaran first started out his movement against his own people - targeting the highest caste & the learned & if one looks closely at all the Tamils that Prabakaran has assassinated starting out with Alfred Duraiappah in 1975 it becomes easier to understand that he hated the Tamil high castes & he hated the Tamil learned. As such he silenced 35 such Tamils which included Sri Lanka's foreign minister Lakshman Kadiragamar who was not only a high caste but very much a product of Oxford.

Thus, the arms these rebel movements held became their virtual tool for social acceptance and the gates to power which eventually led the worst rebel (Prabakaran) to kill the leaders & members of all the other movements that India had trained. A man with so much hatred for his own people becomes easy prey & thus it came as no surprise how Prabakaran emerged greater & more powerful of all the rebels India trained & explains how easy it was for Prabakaran to kill practically all the leaders of the other Tamil rebel movements India had armed, trained & financed. Prabakaran eventually became a remote controlled leader first taking instructions from India & then from sets of people stationed all over the world. It was this enterprise which eventually became a profit making entity worth USD300million annually. Did not the Tamil people, the ordinary, at least the middle class Tamils ever wonder why this money was never used for their benefit in areas that LTTE easily dominated for years without the presence of any Sri Lankan administration & given that they had access to cement, fuel & other materials as well as support from Tamil Nadu...why did the LTTE not make schools, libraries, buildings, roads, public utilities etc...were the Tamil people so fearful of the LTTE that they preferred to silently watch the LTTE make hundreds of air-conditioned bunkers, massive buildings for their use only? Were Tamils actually willing to live in an Eelaam where they would have no voice - was this not directly against the norms that even the Western powers & NGOs themselves professed - equality of status, gender rights, freedom of speech, freedom of movement etc???

Therefore, when LTTE claims itself to have taken to arms to fight for the Tamil people we cannot put aside that the rebels were first taught to hold weapons by India which leaves little credibility for their "freedom fighter" argument. An LTTE fighting for a Tamil Eelaam should have utilized the money they made illicitly for the benefit of the people (isn't this what Robin Hood did - stole from the rich & gave to the poor?). After all, their slogan was that they wanted to liberate the Tamil people from Sinhala oppression. Why was it that Tamils in the North were never beneficiaries of the USD300million LTTE wealth - instead the LTTE had to even steal the food that was sent to the North to feed their own while the masterminds of the LTTE were living in luxury abroad making use of the wealth?


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