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The 13th Amendment trap

India’s External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna had informed the Indian Parliament that India had been assured of the Sri Lankan Government’s intention for "the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, and go beyond, so as to achieve meaningful devolution of powers"(Daily Mirror, July 11, 2009). In the background of the support rendered by India to end terrorism and violence in Sri Lanka, India’s wish is that Sri Lanka follow through and consolidate its military gains politically. However, to expect such gains to be consolidated through an out-dated and irrelevant 13th Amendment would cause the gains to be reversed for the reasons set out below.


Who really wanted Tamil Eelaam & why?

More & more we are made to wonder the connotations behind the quest for a Tamil Eelam. Was it an ideology that was not meant to go beyond conceptual phase, was it a past time for those who had everything in life & wanted a little excitement, was it a seed planted to create regional & sub-regional discord & friction & create the necessity for western interference, was it meant to allow large numbers of Tamils to reside overseas & uplift their living standards & most of all was it really because the Sinhalese were discriminating the Tamils or was it an experiment gone wrong & out of hand? In reality there is much more to the quest for Tamil Eelaam than meets the eye which requires closer analysis & thought.


Beware of USAID ‘projects’ in the Eastern Province: the timing is ominous

Sri Lanka should not think that the warding-off of the attempted meddling by Miliband and his friends will be the end of the matter: while they would have shrugged their shoulders at the failure, smiled and gone home empty handed, they, sure as hell, consider this as a ‘slight’ and will seek revenge while acting diplomatically.


European mission lacks vision

The mission of the two visiting Foreign Ministers – David Miliband from UK and Bernard Kouchner from France – has only one main objective: to stop the military offensive of the Sri Lankan forces which has released tens of thousands of Tamil civilians held captive by the Tamil Tigers. If the military offensive had not breached the sand bank constructed by the Tigers to fence in the Tamil civilians, there would have been no way out for them. They would have been kept as prisoners and used as cannon fodder by the Tigers.


A Trojan horse of British make

The government has acted wisely by rejecting Britain's call for an extension of the humanitarian pause declared in view of the traditional New Year on April 13 and 14. The kneejerk reaction of the LTTE to the government's gesture was to spurn the truce offer contemptuously out of hand and step up attacks on the troops, demanding a 'permanent' ceasefire with international mediation.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has evinced a keen interest in Sri Lanka's conflict. Britain is full of weretigers and Miliband lacks only a striped tail to go with his Tigerine voice. He and others of his ilk like Keith Vaz, MP in the LTTE's pocket are desperate to throw a lifeline to the sinking Tigers.

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