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Will there be a Violent Resurgence of the LTTE soon? - Jeyanandamoorthy

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Will there be a Violent Resurgence of the LTTE soon?
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Despite these endeavours the TGTE concept grabbed the popular imagination and attracted a higher calibre of people. So the Nediyavan faction changed tactics and began infiltrating the various TGTE chapters. A brazen attempt to topple Rudrakumaran was made by backing former Batticaloa TNA Parliamentarian Jeyanandamoorthy as a challenger to Rudrakumaran.  That attempt failed miserably as Jeyanandamoorthy  was no match for Rudrakumaran. Realising that Rudrakumaran was unassailable the Nediyavan cabal revised its approach again and conspired to reduce or restrict Rudrakumaran’s powers as Prime Minister. That attempt too was foiled and the Nediyavan faction is licking its wounds in this respect now

While the  internecine rivalry between the Rudrakumaran and Nediyavan factions does cause some concern Western law –enforcement authorities do not perceive it as a serious source of worry. There have been several incidents of assault among supporters and activists of both groups in different countries. Even the TGTE conclave in New York witnessed the presence of two violent groups and brandishing of pen knives.

Despite these signs the western law enforcement authorities do not fear  a serious threat to law and order. In fact some officials see the intra- Tamil “competition” as a healthy sign of inner democracy flourishing amidst the Tamil Diaspora. They are also not hostile to activity such as hunger fasts, public demonstrations, sit in’s, marathon walks, effigy burning etc as they are all perceived as legitimate forms of democratic dissent and protest.

While public protests and demonstrations by visible and accountable entities are not viewed with disfavour there is much concern about the less visible , non – accountable shady forms of  activity. What is feared most is a resurgence of the LTTE and resumption of violence in Sri Lanka with its related consequences and repercussions abroad.

There has been a general consensus among western nations for quite a while that their soil should not be allowed to be used to raise funds for “terrorism” anywhere including Sri Lanka. It was as part of this consensus that the screws were applied on LTTE fund raising activity a few years ago. Countries such as the USA, Canada,  Australia, Britain, France and Switzerland took action against prominent LTTE leaders and fund raisers.


After the Mullivaaikkal debacle there was a short lull in these actions as most Western nations were sympathetic to the plight of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the war. The expectation was that these Tiger and pro-Tiger outfits claiming to be concerned about the Tamil predicament in Sri Lanka would garner as much money as possible and channel it for constructive purposes such as rehabilitation and resettlement.
That did not happen. Instead the Tiger and pro-Tiger organizations are conducting a vicious campaign against helping the Internally displaced Tamil people of the North and East. If this was a disgusting exhibition of callous disregard for the Tamil people there was also disturbing information about fund raising for  different destructive objectives.

This sent alarm bells ringing and the recent months have seen  a crackdown on LTTE fund raisers and prominent activists again. Netherlands, Germany and Italy have taken a number of Tiger activists into custody at different times. Some more arrests and detention of suspected LTTE fund raisers in other countries are expected in the near future.

LTTE fund raising has dropped drastically after the events of May 2009. Money is being collected mainly from hard core LTTE supporters and activists now. The volume of funds raised  has  dropped to 10 – 15 % of what it was a few years ago. Despite this sharp drop  what  perturbs security officials are the ostensible purposes for which some of  these funds are being collected.

At one level funds are being raised for purported  legal action against the Rajapaksa regime and senior military officials. There is much talk of hauling  the President, Defence secretary and high ranking officers of the armed forces before International tribunals as alleged war criminals. There is also talk of collecting evidence of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Fund raising for these purposes are being done at one level among  relatively sophisticated sections of the Tamil Diaspora. To those educated Tamils with high qualifications the notion of legal action against president Rajapaksa and other senior officials is an alluring prospect no matter how unrealistic the proposed project is.

So appealing is this scenario that quite a number of  Diaspora professionals and intellectuals have been contributing large sums for these plans. Some western lawyers and experts have  been minting money off these gullible Diaspora suckers. One legal eagle was being paid 1000 US dollars per day as a retainer for more than three months  until recently. There is a Tamil saying about the “all knowing Gecko (arappadicha Palli)falling into the pot of Kool (stew). These antics remind one of that saying

What is sad about these things is that thousands of deprived Tamils are eking out a miserable existence in the North and East. These funds could be  used to help them rather than being squandered to seek the elusive quest for Justice. The Tamil Diaspora which funded and fuelled the war that has caused misery to Tamils bears a moral responsibility. It needs to express remorse and make amends .Instead these sections go on in the same old way claiming now to seek justice for the dead while ignoring the living dead . However comical and unrealistic these attempts may be the western law enforcement authorities are not too concerned about  fund raising for legal purposes. What is of concern is the other type of fund raising being done clandestinely among sections of the Tamil Diaspora. These relate directly to the resurgence of the LTTE and resumption of violence.


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