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Future of the LTTE after the Military Defeat

More than three decades, the LTTE has been trying to weaken the democratically elected government in Sri Lanka, primarily using an intelligently crafted terror campaigns and adroit propaganda campaigns, intermittingly switching into political negotiations, however, without any firm commitment, to achieve its messianic goal of carving of a separate state for the Tamils in the north of Sri Lanka. The LTTE, which started its campaign as a small vanguard movement of Tamil insurgency, later developed into a powerful and highly structured terrorist organization with international offices. Over the years it secured adequate support for its activities from the Tamil community and others.


How "first-class" Tamils promoted the genocide of the less-fortunate Tamils of Sri Lanka

Dr. Winston Panchacharam, writing in Tanscurrents, almost a month ago, argued that "first-class" Tamils are NOT "first-class" citizens of Sri Lanka, and bemoaned his experience in the Ceylon Medical Service in 1969. He claims that we have to act to avert genocide perpetrated on the Tamils, by the Sinhalese.


Can the Tamil Tigers save the Tamils?

As, I write this Government forces are closing in on the last bit of territory held by the LTTE in the Vanni. Everyone was expecting the LTTE to pull a rabbit out of their hat and turn the tide. Other than throwing a few canisters of CS gas they have not produced anything to prove that they can fight the Sri Lankan forces. There is hardly time left either for the LTTE to inspire confidence among the cadres to keep on fighting.


How Does the LTTE End?

This is a question, which resonates in the minds of many Sri Lankans, today. There seems to be many propositions about the ultimate end of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam [LTTE]. The most popular one is militarily defeating the LTTE. Perhaps, the less popular notion is ending of the LTTE through a political process at this crucial point in time.
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