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Show the World What the Escapees from LTTE Have To Say

The LTTE terrorism will die out the day they are denied the civilian human cover, which they are so shamelessly hiding behind, which is the truth behind their bloated prowess of military strength. The LTTE terrorists keep lying through their teeth that the civilian IDPs in the conflict areas are killed by the State, while the LTTE themselves are placing the civilians deliberately in the firing line for their own advantage. When the international community laments about the plight of those innocent Tamil civilians, they hardly ever come forward and demand the LTTE to release the entrapped people or threaten the LTTE of dire consequences if they do not heed to the urgent call.


Racist Prabha

The various political parties in Tamil Nadu India have scant understanding of the plight of the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans and do not comprehend Prabakaran's outfit has become a bigger problem for the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans, than the Sri Lankan governments ever were. Some of these Tamil Nadu political parties may be genuine in their ignorance or confusion, while others are either in Prabakaran' payroll or are using Prabakaran and the travails of the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans as a cats paw for other gains. Where their concerns were when Prabakaran deliberately, calculatingly, cunningly and quite cynically messed-up every opportunity, including the Indian intervention in 1987, to resolve the problems of the Tamil speaking Sri Lankans in a pragmatic manner and schemed to instigate war and heap more miseries on them.

Black Sea Tigers failing yet again!

Apropos report on the failed suicide attack by four suicide boats of the Sea Tiger wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) this morning (Nov. 01) the failed attacks appear to have fallen in to a pattern that would not be to the liking of the Black Tigers In the attack this morning the SLN claimed that their Special Boat Squadron and the Rapid Action Boat Squadron have neuatralised the attack and have killed about 17 sea tigers while five of their own were injured in the engagement. Their desperate and repeated attacks have been foiled almost routinely by the Sri Lankan Navy with marginal success by the suicide squad of the LTTE occasionally .It is obvious that the Sea tigers are losing their edge.

Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanithy should urge LTTE to Release innocent civilians detained by force in areas under their Controll

The decision of the All Party Meet held on 14 October in Chennai to seek the help of the Central Government of India to find an early solution to Sri Lanka’s problem is perfectly alright. But that is not the immediate need of the Sri Lankan Tamil people trapped and kept under compulsion in Killinochchi by the LTTE.

DMK's resignation drama may backfire

The DMK has painted itself into a corner on the Sri Lankan issue. Having set the Centre a October 29 deadline to ensure a cease-fire between Sri Lankan armed forces and LTTE in that country, DMK could now experience a major crisis of credibility.


Tamil Nadu and the LTTE

An exclusive private meeting that was held in the early 1980’s in Sacramento, California, has recently come to my attention. This gathering of approximately five hundred wealthy, influential Tamil expatriates from around the world charted the course for the LTTE, and developed a strategic plan for using it as a vehicle for establishing a Tamil homeland. The motivation was the fact that there were nearly one hundred million ethnic Tamils scattered throughout the globe, but alas, there was no independent sovereign state they could call their own.

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