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The Tigers Die Hard

Since their emergence as a local terrorist group from out of a criminal sub-community in Jaffna on Sri Lanka, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have undergone several transformations.  The next one might be their most persistent – and pernicious – one yet.


Fight and flight - The LTTE's air cargo ambitions

LTTE Iranamadu airstripSatellite imagery has revealed a number of runways in LTTE-controlled areas of Sri Lanka. This could either show civilian aspirations towards statehood or a desire to fly in weapons. Jane's looks at the evidence and suggests the latter is more likely.


Racial hatred towards the majority Sinhala Community, is organised by the Tamil diaspora

Sri Lanka Guardian website Published an article with the image of the President Mahinda Rajapakse along side the image of Hitler and a swastika. The article compared the President Rajapakse speaking in Tamil at the UN GA, to Hitler speaking in Hebrew. That image was really shocking and a saddening reminder of the hatred of the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora towards the Sinhala Community. The Sri Lanka Guardian Website should not have published that image.


Little Jony's deadly mission

50% of the war casualties in Sri Lanka fall victim to this small mine.

Jony MineIt is a small, innocuous-looking wooden box. It could very well pass off as a toy where children hoard seeds or poor women their scraps of jewellery.

But for anyone who comes into contact with this box, it turns out to be a scourge leaving lives shattered. For, although it may not kill that person, it will rip apart one or both of the lower limbs or any part of the body, even leaving the victim blind or deaf.


LTTE Killed Our Obama!

Barack Obama has opened a can of worms everywhere in the world. A number of Sri Lankans have pointed out that Sri Lanka couldn’t produce its Obama. They blame the voters, the country and everything under the sun for that. However, they don’t blame the Tamil Tigers. In fact Sri Lanka had its Obama, a few of them to be precise. All of them were killed by the LTTE (Tamil Tigers)! The last thing Tamil Tigers want is a Obama in Sri Lanka who would invariably reconcile differences peacefully, without division of the country along racial lines and will be endowed with heaps of patriotism.


Viking LTTE agents back in action?

Mystery surrounds the return on a tourist visa to Sri Lanka of former Norwegian Ambassador, head of Red Barna and LTTE sympathizer Jon Westborg. He was instrumental in getting powerful radio communication equipment for the LTTE under the so-called ceasefire agreement during Ranil Wickremesinghe's Premiership.
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