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The Beginnings of the End Game of LTTE

At the beginning of the year 591 was positioned along the MULLATIVU coast at CHILAWATTA held back by two earth bunds connecting the sea front from the East to the lagoon at the West. Unlike the massive ditch cum bunds 57 and 58 has to contend with at AKKARAYANKULAM or PARANTHAN-IRANAMADU areas, these bunds were not so formidable. Primary reason can be attributed to the soft sandy soil of the area. Another reason is the disruptions to the fortifications caused by the forward exploitation forces of 59.

593 meanwhile had overcome the defensive earth bunds north of MULLIYAWALI and TANNIYUTTU and have positioned themselves in the woodlands just South of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU buildup area. To their flank west 592 and TFIV are stationed.


Hello, hello, terror backers

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has given LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran 48 hours to release civilians in his clutches so that they could reach safety. Prabhakaran's compliance is in serious doubt, given his callous disregard to human suffering.


The grand plan of the LTTE

The LTTE blocked the return of some UN humanitarian workers with their families exiting the war-torn areas a few days back. Despite a strong protest by the UN, the LTTE did not release them or the civilians they are keeping as a shield inside non-liberated areas in the Wanni.

National Post editorial board: Keep the Tamil Tigers out of Canada

On Friday, Sri Lanka's army captured Kilinochchi, the de facto capital of the Tamil Tigers. This marks a crippling blow for the Tigers, a rebel militia and terrorist group that first took up arms more than a quarter-century ago. It also poses an indirect security risk for Canada: As the Tigers are routed from the battlefield, Ottawa must guard against fleeing Tiger leaders seeking sanctuary among this country's large Ontario-based community of expatriate Tamils.

How LTTE Rebels Swindle the World

Without any hesitation the LTTE can be branded as a terrorist organization and also all their action leads to believe that they are an unjustifiable, indiscriminate, ruthless, callous, brutal and merciless gang of organized annihilators.

It's not so long ago FBI reported that "LTTE is the most ruthless and efficient terrorist group in the world". This statement of FBI depicts that the LTTE is even superior to Al Qaeda. Despite all propaganda they are carrying out to get the sympathy of the international community, USA, EU, India and many other countries have already banned the LTTE, describing them as one of the most dangerous organizations currently in operation in the world.



In writing about the ongoing war in the Wanni northern mainland,  I have  been regularly emphasising a salient point that goes against the   view  propagated by upper echelons of the power structure and dominant sections of society.

According to this viewpoint, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) faces imminent destruction and the war would be over very soon.

While subscribing to the opinion that the armed forces are indeed on the ascendant my take on the LTTE has been different.
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