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The Last Days in the Vanni Bunker

Sir Alan Bullock and other historians have documented in fascinating detail the last days, in the Berlin bunker, of Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich, even as the Soviet Red Army approached and then prepared to cross the Rhine River and breach the last German defense of Berlin.  The bizarre rituals of Hitler in his bunker included regular Army staff meetings, as if they had any meaning, marrying his long time mistress Eva Braun, various complications from his rapidly deteriorating health, accommodating his propaganda chief Goebbels and family in the bunker, meeting the Hitler Youth (underage child recruits used in the defense of Berlin), farewells to staff fleeing Berlin and finally his own suicide as the last German defenses crumbled around him.


Of those Propaganda Hit Men

A few days ago the army monitored a conversation between the LTTE's arms procurer turned spokesman KP and a senior Tiger leader trapped in the Vanni via a satellite phone. KP asked his beleaguered colleague to do whatever possible and hold out as he and his foreign allies were doing their best to save them. Less than two days later, a story was floated that a large number of civilians had been killed in an army artillery barrage. It was sourced to a person calling himself a government doctor in the LTTE-held 'no fire zone'. The Health Ministry has denied the presence of any ‘government doctor’ in that area! (The real source was the LTTE’s web arm TamilNet.)

Sri Lankan Government gave special protection to M.I.A.’s father against LTTE!

M.I.A With Father Arulaer ArulpragasamWhen rap singer M.I.A. (Mathangi Arulpragasam), appointed herself grand marshal of LTTE propaganda and used her Grammy nominee status on PBS’ Tavis Smiley show on January 28 to accuse the Sri Lankan government of ‘genocide,’ many, including top Sri Lankan officials, attributed it to ignorance of Sri Lankan politics. After all, she was not even born in Sri Lanka, had spent only a few years there, and is a British citizen.


The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam: Essential Points

Arising in the mid-1970s, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have become one of the world's leading terrorist groups. Following the classic model of a 'National Liberation' movement of those years, they escalated their activities in the early 1980s to create a guerrilla force, and the resulting civil war has continued ever since.

The LTTE remain noteworthy for several reasons. These include:


This is how Tamil Tigers have become involved in piracy

I know what your thinking. "When did endangered animal species become involved with hijacking ships?". But no fears, Snowball the snow tiger isn't going to take over one of our ships an time soon. The Tamil Tigers is a well-armed terrorist group based in Northern Sri Lanka, more formally known as the LITE or the Tamil Eelam. the goals of the Tamil people and the Tamil Tiger rebels is to have their own independent state in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka. This goal is highly disagreed by the Sri Lankan government, which have involved themselves with combating the Tamil Tigers since 1976, sparking a bloody civil war that has torn the nation into pieces, killing thousands and leaving Sri Lanka in crippling poverty. This civil war rages on at this moment .


How the Tamil Tigers have become involved in piracy

The Tamil Tigers are not a species of endangered cats; instead they are a notorious band of violent terrorists (acknowledged as such by over 30 countries in the world) that are based in northern Sri Lanka. They originally founded their organization in 1976, as a secessionist movement that seeks to create an independent Tamil state in the north of Sri Lanka [PBS Frontline, 2002]. Today they are commonly referred to as the LTTE or "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam".
The LTTE are a very well organized militant group known for extremely violent attacks on civilians as well as carrying out assassinations of Sri Lankan and Indian officials. This group is also associated with the recruiting of young children as soldiers and is given credit for being the first to use the "suicide belt" bomb. They are also known to use women frequently as suicide bombers in their terrorist attacks. It has been reported by the media (PBS among others) that LTTE has delivered actual more suicide bombings than many other terrorist groups like Hamas and al-Qaeda.

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