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Why no Why?


Global terror experts’ contention that the Wikileaks exposures might jeopardize US’ counter terrorism operations raises a paramount question. What is the need for counter terrorism operations in the first place? If the US stops its global hegemony plans as detailed in its Plan for the New American Century (PNAC), then there would be no need for such measures.

Osama bin Laden fought the Russians and in that fight the Americans and the entire Western world supported the Mujahedeen of which he was one of the leaders. Ronald Reagan called them brave freedom fighters and mocked the Russians when they called them terrorists. Today the Mujahedeen (notice how the word Mujahedeen has been dropped out of the discourse after Americas invasion and occupation) are called by other names because they are fighting the American occupation of Afghanistan and so the legitimacy of freedom fighters is now taken away from them. Instead they are ‘terrorists’ better still ‘Islamic terrorists’. See the hypocrisy? Or are we going to go into another bout of harangue with nice juicy words and catch phrases like democracy, freedom, the rule of law, justice.

In passing let me also mention Algeria, where a free election gave the opposition FIS an overwhelming victory. The US and the EU cartel went after the pro-West ruling elite there and made sure they cancel the election. In fact, when America speaks about such idealistic issues like democracy you can be sure millions of Non-white folks will have to die as is borne out in Iraq and Afghanistan and as was seen in Vietnam, Korea, Nicaragua, Chile and so many countries. The fact of the matter is that America has attacked no less than seventy (70) countries in the last hundred years. All this supposedly to ‘spread human rights and the rule of law’!

Nicaragua took the Super Power to the World Court and subsequent to the evidence the Nicaraguans provided, the World Court declared the US a ‘terrorist state’ for the illegal mining of Nicaraguas waters.
A look at the manner in which Barack Obama made his latest jaunt to Afghanistan is an eye opener for non-Western countries. He went into a conquered nation, like Julius Caesar of yore; a nation he believes belongs to America by title deed. There was no need for diplomatic approval.  He gave a pep talk to his ‘boys’ to up their flagging spirits in the hopeless situation they find themselves in. A situation where they have to kill or are being killed.

That’s the concept of Globalization we will have to live with under the New World Order if we remain at each other throats. Pakistan and India must mull over this and the Wikileaks exposures about them and do their most to mend their fences or the US will use both these countries to destroy each other as Julian Assange’s exposures confirm.

The sooner India and Pakistan realize the US is leading them up the garden path the better it would be for the entire region. After all an overwhelming majority of the populations of these two nuclear powers live under the poverty line in horrible conditions. The largest number of malnourished children can be found in India.  India and Pakistan must take a cue from South American nations. Barring one or two, the rest of them have got together for the betterment of their people.

To reach that state of mind we have to first analyze the West’s corporate media and their allied agents in other parts of the world. In the days of colonialism our lands were occupied. The imperialist globe guzzlers know that a mind under occupation can easily be manipulated to fit in nicely with their agenda. Be that as it may, when India fought for her independence from Britain, the wonderful Indian leaders of that time called it a struggle (in Arabic-Jihad) but the British imperialists called it an ‘uprising’ or a ‘rebellion’ or a ‘revolt’. And the word for France, Russian and American struggles for freedom was called ‘revolution’.


~ ~By Hameed Abdul Karim


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