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The new imperialism


The country was agog with the news that after the visit of two American bureaucrats named Otero and Blake, [both from the State Department], they had announced that the United States would support the anti-Sri Lanka resolution bought by some western countries in the Human Rights Council. As usual the sanctimonious reason given by the Americans for this act of rank treachery was that it was to "provide an opportunity for the Government of Sri Lanka to describe what it intends to do to implement the LLRC recommendations and advance reconciliation as well as accountability, human rights and democracy concerns". Will anybody be fooled by this kind of nonsensical utterance? It should have been more than obvious to this duo from Hillary Clinton’s stable that we do not need an opportunity to describe TO ANY BUNCH OF FOREIGNERS what we intend to do in respect of the recommendations in that report which was commissioned by our President for our purposes, and/or in respect of reconciliation, accountability, human rights and democracy in our Country, because such matters ARE NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS, IN THE SAME WAY THAT THE BLATANT VIOLATIONS OF HUMAN RIGHTS, DECENCY, THE RULE OF LAW AND DEMOCRACY by the American Government in GUANTANAMO BAY [over which it exercises de facto sovereignty] AND ON THEIR OWN SOIL [ignoring for the moment its malodorous thuggery and terrorism in other countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan etc.] IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.


The simple fact of the matter is that the United States of America and those other Western countries [whom some gullible fools insist on referring to as the International Community", ignoring entirely the fact that these countries represent but a minuscule proportion of the countries of the world]. are harking back to an era when they virtually ruled the world by the force of arms with their colonies or their puppets. They cannot accept or refuse to reconcile themselves to the fact that countries such as ours though small and poor are nevertheless independent and at least theoretically their equals in the comity of nations.

They cannot or refuse to reconcile themselves to the fact that it is for us to make our own decisions and that we are in no way bound or obliged to accept their directions and/or purported advise on any matter whatsoever. I mention these matters because what sparked these anti-Sri Lankan moves by the embittered West was the fact that President Mahinda Rajapaksa very correctly, duly and properly rejected calls from the West as well as from the ‘clowns of Tamil Nadu’ that we should commit national suicide by declaring a ceasefire when we were on the point of defeating the LTTE. Had we obeyed their commands couched in the form of advice or requests, the Tigers would still have been in full swing and our people (not the people of those countries that urged a ceasefire) would have been dying and getting maimed day after day and the West could not have cared less.


The fact that President Rajapaksa summarily rejected the calls of Clinton, Kouchner, Milliband, Moon et al to declare a ceasefire, was obviously regarded by the arrogant thugs of the West as being something like a domestic servant telling his master to fly a kite because domestic servants are what they consider us to be at best, and this is largely due to many of our people paying obeisance to them for such crumbs as fall from their tables.

What added to their pique occasioned by President Rajapaksa very properly asserting the independence of our country and our right to make our own decisions, was the fact that having rejected their advice/refused to obey their commands, we defeated the Tigers convincingly while the Western nations together with their Patron cum God America struggled in Afghanistan and in Iraq as that Patron cum God, earlier struggled in Viet Nam from where they were summarily kicked out and were humiliated beyond measure in Iran. They clearly could not get over the fact of our succeeding while they were failures and gave tangible expression to their anger by taking refuge behind a dishonest façade of concern for human rights and allegations of violations of human rights by us. Their conduct could be compared to a prostitute advising Mother Teresa about how to be ‘Chaste’ !


However much one examines the conduct of the Americans and our tormentors among the western countries in this regard, one cannot objectively find a spark of bona fides in it. One may have found some bona fides in them had they even condemned those who violated the human rights our citizens such as India. However they never did so. India trained and armed Tiger Terrorists to murder and maim our citizens on our soil and to destroy our property thereby violating the human rights of our innocent citizens. The Western Countries and their Patron/God, the United States stood idly by while they did so and continued to stand idly by even when armed Indian thugs called the Indian Peace Keeping Force terrorised the Tamil citizens of our country and murdered them at their will and pleasure; they even remained silent as tacitly approving spectators when those Indian thugs actually invaded the Jaffna hospital and murdered patients, doctors, nurses, attendants and ambulance drivers in the wards of that hospital..

They remained silent and offered no condemnation of India or support for us when the Indians by a blatant exercise of criminal intimidation by rank thuggery invaded our air space with their war planes against our wishes and dropped food for the allegedly starving citizens of the North. Those selfsame western countries and the United States also maintained a deafening silence when India prevented us from destroying the LTTE once and for all and freeing our country from terrorism, thereby saving countless lives and limbs of our citizens and protecting our property when they prevented us by rank thuggery from proceeding with `Operation Liberation’ and destroying the LTTE 22 years before we defeated them. Thus, although the violation of human rights of millions of our people by India was ignored by the United States and their lapdogs in the West, they now add their two cents worth to the wild machinations of those lapdogs who seek to move a resolution against us in the Human Rights Council because we were successful while they were rank failures


Let us not forget that had we been unsuccessful in destroying the LTTE as the Americans and their `lap dogs’ in the West wanted us to be, the LTTE would still be ruling the roost and none of these western countries would have moved any kind of resolution against us. This therefore is purely a resolution against us because we won and won after rejecting their advice.

This creeping western imperialism and the West’s stupid belief in Kipling’s archaic views about the "White Man’s Burden" is not confined to Sri Lanka. The West and particularly United States have so far turned their guns and their ire on all those leaders of States that would not bow to and obey their commands and treat them as their Lords and Masters.

Thus, they hounded Saddam Hussein and murdered him under the fraudulent pretext that he had weapons of mass destruction in his Country; they aided and abetted some Libyan rebels to murder Gaddafi [on the dishonest pretext of seeking to establish democracy in that land though they never sought to establish it in the Countries of their puppets such as Saudi Arabia] and that country is in total turmoil as a result.; they invaded the territory of the allegedly friendly country Pakistan and murdered a resident therein namely Osama Bin Laden in cold blood while he was unarmed and in his house. Can there be any doubt that their next target would be Mahinda Rajapaksa?

As many have observed, we are a small country and are too weak to take on these giant, economic and military thugs called the United States and their Western lapdogs. It is therefore necessary for us to join together with all those countries which have suffered or are in danger of suffering from the new western imperialism that is fast emerging and polluting the world, to oppose them and form a front to oppose their imperialist designs.

This would not be an easy task, but nothing worth achieving is ever easy and it must be done if we are to prevent these western thugs both economic and military from oppressing once more us, the poor people of the East.

~ ~ By S. L. Gunasekara


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