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Tamil Nadu sleeps while deadly serpants breed under the pillows

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Tamil Nadu sleeps while deadly serpants breed under the pillows
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LTTE terrorists blasted lorry bomb in front of the Galadari hotel killing many civilians in 1997

As Mahatma Gandhi had said, India and Ceylon can't afford to quarrel each other. It is more true in respect of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. My humble request to everybody on either side of the Palk Strait is to help to solve the problem by good-will and persuasion and not by confrontation. It is necessary for everyone on both sides to be cautious in all what they say and do. The good gesture of the "Q" Branch of the Tamil Nadu Police and the Indian Navy in detecting several tons of material used for the manufacture of bombs is highly appreciable and demands co-ordination between both Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu.

Sri Lankan Tamils are so unfortunate that Tamil Nadu, confused and infuriated by the false propaganda of the powerful pro-LTTE forces, shirked its responsibility of safeguarding them and had gone a long way to the point of no return. All the recent agitations and various actions taken by Tamil Nadu had only helped the LTTE, to the detriment of the Sri Lankan Tamils. The grave blunder of Tamil Nadu is, acting without sending a Fact Finding Mission to Sri Lanka during this hard period or inviting a delegation from Sri Lanka to know from them of the ground situation. If Tamil Nadu refuses to see reason and continue to be adamant in inviting trouble, nothing can be done.

Unfortunately, although there are many who want to protest, no one is prepared to come forward to prevent

A mass execution of villagers by the LTTE in late 80s

 the handful of local and Sri Lankan personalities from misleading the entire Tamil Nadu exposing it to grave risk to life and property. Everybody in Tamil Nadu is unmindful of how fast this risk is spreading into the other States in India. Perhaps the bitter memories of Hon. Rajiv Gandhi's assassination is gradually fading away in their minds. Tamil Nadu cannot easily forget how his remains were recovered in pulp. So were Sri Lankan President R. Premadasa's and the Presidential candidate Hon. Gamini Disanayake's and several others with him, some of whom were ministers. In a number of clay-more mine attacks and bomb-blasts, thousands of bodies were recovered in parts, that includes those of ministers, service personnel and thousands of innocent civilians, Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.

The Central Bank bomb blast in Colombo some years back took many lives, almost similar to the Mumbai disaster but with less deaths and more injured. A clay-more mine targeting a bus, from a remote village carrying a full load of school children, patients and officers, going for work to the town, left about 65 dead and a similar number injured. A suicide bomber took the life of two bus load of Navy personnel numbering more than hundred. The Defence Secretary, the Army Chief, some top ranking service personnel and many others had narrow escapes. I hope that no one in Tamil Nadu will ever want these incidents to take place in Tamil Nadu. These are a selected few of the very many such incidents.

Not the children of LTTE Leaders, only children of poor parents, compulsorily recruited by the LTTE, had been used as suicide bombers. Even pregnant women had been used for this purpose. More than 20, 000 Tamil youths boys and girls, compulsorily recruited children of poor parents had been sacrificed at the battlefront till last year. It should be much more today. Every day the LTTE is sacrificing at the battlefront young boys and girls newly recruited and with hardly any training. Their methods of torture of civilians who defy them or object to the recruitment of their children by force or the escapees from their training camps are unheard of in any civilized society. What have Tamil Nadu done to save these innocent Tamils from the LTTE torture camps? The people of Tamil Nadu can't forget the detection of 5000 or more hand-cuffs in Coimbuttur, ready for supply to the LTTE, many years back. We Sri Lankans are grateful to the Tamil Nadu Police and the Indian Navy for the recent detection of several tons of material used for the manufacture of bombs, meant to be transported illegally to the LTTE in Vanni. I need not point out as to what type of danger Tamil Nadu will have to face, by promoting an organization like the LTTE.


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