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Colonialism, Human Rights, and Scoundrels

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Colonialism, Human Rights, and Scoundrels
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The European Union is baring its white imperialist fangs after being outmaneuvered by Sri Lanka in its bid to strongarm Colombo into a ceasefire. The real purpose of adding the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt to the ride taken by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and British Foreign Minister David Milliband to Colombo is quite clearly stated in Bildt’s blog writings:

Writing on April 26 about his then impending trip to the island Bildt says: “International human rights must be respected. …The intention is to – as a way to - support the UN’s efforts – increase the pressure for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to allow civilians to leave the conflict area unharmed … the importance of a strong European voice in the matter - must be given priority.”

When Colombo made it clear that it would only entertain the French and British ministers, on a bilateral basis, the Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, whose country holds the EU's rotating presidency, flexed collective EU imperialistic muscle and said Sri Lanka had made a ‘grave mistake.’ There would be ‘repercussions in Europe [that] will influence further relations between the Sri Lankan government and European states,” he warned.

Despite such sound and fury, the Rajapaksa administration did not blink. The combined EU-UK Mafioso tactics failed miserably and Miliband and Kouchner left empty handed – no ceasefire, not even a visit to the Civilians Safety Zone. Defense Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa discounted the expressions of ‘humanitarian’ concerns as nothing but a ‘ploy’ to try to save the skin of the LTTE leader – a sentiment shared by the majority of Sri Lankans.

That may sound like the rhetoric of a nation frustrated with the constant haranguing and lecturing by foreigners who are removed from ground reality. But a review of the backgrounds of the three foreign ministers commissioned to bully Colombo into submission shows their human rights and ‘humanitarian’ credentials to be as phony as a Ph D from an online diploma mill.

At the center of this Sri Lankan flap that has captured international media interest is, of course, the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt. There’s, perhaps, no one less qualified than the 59-year old former Swedish prime minister to lead the call for a cessation of war, considering the role he played in pushing President George Bush’ s war agenda.

If President George Bush is to be tried for war crimes, then Bildt should not be too far behind since he was among the high profile members of a neocon group that aided and abetted the launching of the Iraq war – which, let’s not forget, killed 700,000 people in the name of ‘democracy.’

Bildt was a member of the hawkish Committee for the Liberation of Iraq (CLI), an NGO founded in 2003 by hardcore conservatives including CIA director James Woolsey. CLI described itself as a "distinguished group of Americans" who wanted to "free Iraq from Saddam Hussein" and whose goal was to "promote regional peace, political freedom and international security through replacement of the Saddam Hussein regime with a democratic government that respects the rights of the Iraqi people and ceases to threaten the community of nations." In reality, the group was formed on the initiation of President Bush and served as his mouthpiece for shoring up public backing for sending troops into Iraq.

Bildt was also a member of another war-mongering group -the Project for the New American Century (PNAC ) – which was closely allied to the CLI and had as its governing mission the exaltation of the US‘ imperialistic militarism. President Bush is believed to have based his ‘global hegemony plan’ on the PNAC’s blueprint, which included the launching of ‘Pre-emptive wars’ if the U.S. believed a country was becoming too powerful and/or could provide some sort of competition in the "benevolent hegemony" region. The PNAC doctrine said mini nukes could be employed in regional wars, that international treaties and opinion could be ignored whenever they interfere with U.S. imperial goals and that the new policies "will require bases and stations within and beyond Western Europe and Northeast Asia."

Bildt was among the 225 signatories to the PNAC doctrine which automatically guaranteed a permanent and expensive arms race with Communist China, North Korea and Iran.


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