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Who Commits Genocide in Sri Lanka and How to Stop it

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Who Commits Genocide in Sri Lanka and How to Stop it
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The word “genocide” is a heavily abused term in the Sri Lankan context. It is also the most popular oxymoron used with regard to the conflict. On the outward over 70,000 people have died in the twenty-five-years long conflict. During the same time period over two and a half a million people have died of all causes mainly of old age, heart disease and cancer. This makes war deaths a meagre 2.8% of the total number of deaths. In other words war results in 2.8% of deaths in Sri Lanka which is definitely not a significant cause of death. However, the underlying picture is gruelling and cruel. The tiny third world country is cursed with the world’s most ruthless terrorist organisation (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam – LTTE, commonly known as Tamil Tigers) in the world. LTTE’s suicide bombers far outnumber their Iraqi and Afghanistan counterparts. LTTE is openly committing genocide against people of all races in Sri Lanka in every manner imaginable to a satanic mind.

Genocide of the Tamil race by the LTTE – Decimating the Tamil leadership

Just as Adolf Hitler started his hysterical war claiming that he was the liberator of Germans, the LTTE started its armed ‘liberation’ struggle claiming same. Its first targets were Tamils themselves! Mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Doraiappa, a Tamil, was gunned down at a Hindu temple in 1976 by the LTTE! This was their first target. Since then hundreds of Tamil political activists have been killed including a former Opposition Leader (1989 – killed during a ceasefire), a foreign minister (2005 – killed during a ceasefire) and a gamut of political party leaders. The killing of an Indian Prime Minister was highly celebrated in LTTE circles which was carried out by a Tamil Tiger female suicide bomber. They killed a national leader and scores of Tamils with one bomb! Welcome to the world of the LTTE.

By decimating the Tamil leadership, LTTE managed to enforce their ‘sole’ representative claim. Owing to Tamil Tigers’ total genocide of Tamil democratic leaders, only one (1) alternative Tamil politician is represented in parliament from the Northern Province where the war is centred today.

Sri Lanka observed a number of ceasefires but none were honoured by the LTTE. Killing democratic Tamil political leaders got a new lease of life during those ceasefires!

Decimating the Tamil leadership and by creating a band of yes-men, LTTE exposed the Tamil people to outright danger.

Genocide of the Tamil race by the LTTE – wiping out generations upon generations
LTTE operates based on a very strict code of conduct. Its members are forbidden to marry or have children otherwise. This has created what Tamil Tigers call, total commitment to the ‘cause’. As a result since late 1970s until this date, tens of thousands of Tamils were recruited to the LTTE and most of them died. This is almost one and a half generations. In other words LTTE decimated one and a half generations of Tamils in their child bearing age. Obviously they didn’t die alone. They died with an unborn generation! LTTE cruelty didn’t end there. It has one of the largest child soldier brigades in the world. Children were used from early 1980s and continue until this date. Children of 1980s would have had their own children by today; but that was denied to the nation. They were killed; children of their contemporaries who managed to survive were also killed subsequently and still being killed in the name of ‘liberation’.

Interestingly most low level fighters and suicide bombers come from lower castes of the Tamil community. Heavy use of women in the child bearing age and young girls in combat and suicide missions is also commonplace in the LTTE.

Recruiting children saw a massive boom during the 2002-2005 ceasefire when LTTE operatives recruited children unhindered by law enforcement authorities.

Genocide of the Tamil race by the LTTE – very large scale civilian displacement
Pro-LTTE elements scream about the war displacing 200,000 people but they are silent about over two million Tamils displaced solely by the LTTE. Owing to LTTE’s very harsh conduct millions of Tamils have internally migrated to predominantly Sinhala (the majority community of Sri Lanka) areas despite LTTE claims that Sinhalese kill Tamils! Today most Tamils (over 54%) live in predominantly Sinhala areas totally rubbishing LTTE claims of genocide of Tamils by the Sinhalese! Why did they cross to the government controlled area amidst colossal lies spread by the LTTE? That’s because they feel much safer under the government than under the LTTE.

Over a million have sought refuge in rich foreign countries and about 100,000 are languishing in refugee camps in South India.


Civilian displacement has been so enormous that LTTE which uses civilians as human shields to protect senior terrorist leaders are now panicking. They call those who now leave their areas traitors and have mechanisms in place to track them down and kill them.



During the Norwegian brokered ceasefire of 2002 and in previous ceasefires, LTTE continued to displace civilians. The fate of Eastern villages of Muttur, Manirasakulam and Valchchenai during the time of the last ceasefire is a case in point. Even Scandinavian ceasefire monitors were forced to turn a blind eye to these atrocities.



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