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Wanni liberation enters most crucial stage - Video

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Wanni liberation enters most crucial stage - Video
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All guns are now directed towards the centre of Kilinochchi as troops have already marched into its doorstep taking the outer periphery of this highly defended town which stretches from Iranamadu area within the 60 mm and 80 mm mortar range of the Security Forces. They are getting ready to assault the inner areas of Kilinochchi.

Civilians who were living in the southern part of Kilinochchi and Iranamadu have already moved out of the area towards Vishvamadu and Puthukuduiruppu while other civilians in the northern part of Kilinochchi too are busy abandoning the town leaving the battle only to the LTTE while the Air Force was taking LTTE military, logistic and training facilities in Kilinochchi.

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By the time this column went to print, troops were poised to launch another major assault to push their defences further northward from the Akkarayankulam - Murikandy road that links to the A-9 road close to the famous Murikandy Hindu temple whilst troops attached to the 572 and 573 Brigades are operating close to the A-9 road keeping it within their sight.

Therefore, the stretch of the A-9 road from Mankulam to Murikandi is not accessible to the LTTE as the Security Forces are keeping control of the A-9 road even without capturing the road at any location, marking this stretch of A-9 road an area where both the LTTE and the Security Forces are present.

It was during these advances towards the A-9 road that troops attached to 7 Sri Lanka Light Infantry battalion under the command of Lt.Colonel Ranjith Abeyratne came across an LTTE airstrip in Panikkankulam located seven Kilometres North West of Mankulam on Tuesday afternoon.

Apparently the LTTE had used this airstrip for their training purposes as it is equipped with taxiways and parking areas.

However, troops conducting search operations in the area have also found a wreckage of a double cab in this vicinity probably used by a LTTE leader.

The capture of the 500 meters long and 50 meters wide airstrip is a major victory for the Security Forces as this is the first occasion the Security Forces have come across this type of airstrip though they have observed such facilities through satellite images and through video clippings of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The Sri Lanka Air Force claims that they have detected this airstrip a long time ago and had bombed this area on several occasions but nothing had been detected recently. Ground troops also confirm that there are signs the area had been bombed on several occasions.


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