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VIPs advised to strictly adhere to security measures

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VIPs advised to strictly adhere to security measures
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The ground realities in the Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu battlefronts have put the LTTE in total dilemma. In the main battlefront, the Tiger outfit is about to lose their de-facto capital Kilinochchi.

From the Pooneryn front, the 58 Division is now heading towards their final goal to capturing the huge earth bund whilst the 59 Division is now heading towards the LTTE military stronghold Mullaitivu, again capturing another huge earth bund in the West of Nayaru lagoon.

For the LTTE all these three locations are top most priorities.

They were main strongholds of the LTTE from its inception, apart from Jaffna. Losing any of these strongholds would be a defeat to them.

The pride of the LTTE would go forever once they lose control of Kilinochchi. In the same way, they will lose their links with outsiders once they lose the stretch up to Pooneryn in the North Western coast and the stretch in Mullaitivu in the Eastern coastal line.

Therefore, the LTTE is now facing difficulty in choosing their top most priority as all their strongholds are under threat as they fear that the Muhamalai front will also come under threat from the troops operating there very soon.

It is inevitable that the LTTE will lose their de-facto capital Kilinochchi as troops are operating from a distance less than two kilometers to the outskirts of Kilinochchi facing stiff resistance from the well trained hardcore Tiger cadres.

Troops are now engaged in the exhausting task to reach Kilinochchi overcoming all sorts of mine fields, booby traps, frequent gas attacks to overrun their heavily fortified bunker lines constructed on huge earth bunds to defend Kilinochchi.

The onset North East monsoon rains are also expected to lash the battlefront as signs of monsoon rains have already been witnessed on several occasions within the past few days in the Kilinochchi battlefront, but easing the effect from the frequent gas attacks from the LTTE.

Tiger leadership continued to pour their cadres into these three major battles in Kilinochchi in the East and West of Akkarayankulam, in the Nachchikuda front and in the Mullaitivu front, taking maximum use of their reserve battalions as they are aware that no other battles will be left for them to defend their so-called Tamil Eelam after their defeat in Kilinochchi.

But the casualty rate on the LTTE, which is comparatively high these days, would decide whether they can continue to pour their cadres from other fronts to defend Kilinochchi as they have to thin out their presence in other fronts to reinforce the Kilinochchi front.

Theepan and Bhanu have already decided to stop drawing cadres from the Muhamalai front to Kilinochchi and Pooneryn fronts fearing that troops would advance from that direction too towards Kilinochchi.

It was with the fear that losing of any of these grounds would be a severe blow to them at this juncture. But time is not so far for them to give up two of these fronts to hang onto their already shattered Tamil Eelam dream.

Troops attached to the 572 Brigade, which was under the command of Colonel Senerath Bandara, is now operating just one and half kilometres in the South West of Kilinochchi.

The 572 Brigade has now been taken over by Lt. Colonel Dhammika Jayasundera as Colonel Senerath Bandara is due to visit India for a Senior Command course for a brief period after a hectic task undertaken by him in the 572 Brigade for the past one and half years.

The 8 Sri Lanka Light Infantry Battalion under the Command of Lt.Colonel Epsitha Dissanayaka was able to capture 300 meter stretch of huge earth bund that has been constructed by the LTTE from East to West from Iranamadu to North West of Kilinochchi side.

Troops detected this earth bund last week once they were advancing along Akkarayan-Murikkandi Road. This earth bund is separated from the earth bund that has been constructed from Nachchikuda to Akkarayankulam. This new earth bund has been constructed North of Akkarayankulam from East to West direction to cover the Kilinochchi front.

In Monday’s fighting 17 LTTE cadres were confirmed killed and 9 others reportedly injured. There were three waves of Tiger cadres to push back the troops from the earth bund firing gas canisters but failed in all their attempts as troops are strongly holding this stretch of earth bund.

The LTTE continued to launch gas attacks targeting the troops operating in the forward defences. Amidst this resistance, troops are poised to further expand their areas along this newly captured earth bund which stretches for nearly 10 to 11 kilometers.

On Friday troops attached to 3 Gajaba Regiment under the command of Sanjeewa Fernando, launched an assault on this earth bund to further expand the stretch captured by the 8 Sri Lanka Light Infantry Regiment.

Troops from the 4 Sinha Regiment, under the command of Lt. Colonel Subashana Welikala is also ready to link up with the 8 SLII troops to further expand the control over this earth bund amidst heavy resistance from the LTTE.

Meanwhile, the 571 Brigade under the command of Colonel G.V. Ravipriya is also operating in the West of Akkarayankulam posing a major threat to the LTTE.


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