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Sri Lanka Navy’s RABS/SBS Concept: An Operational and Tactical Edge over Sea Tigers - Video

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Sri Lanka Navy’s RABS/SBS Concept: An Operational and Tactical Edge over Sea Tigers - Video
Yaer 2006 and Beyond
Tactical and Operational Edge
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“Indirect tactics, efficiently applied, are inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth, unending as the flow of rivers and streams; like the sun and moon, they end but to begin anew; like the four seasons, they pass away to return once more”. Sun Tzu


Naval tactics used in the present world scenarios are discussed at higher military forums which draw the attention of modern technology, sophisticated weaponry, high defined detection systems etc. But in all these discussion forums, the dialogue is primarily about an enemy that is presented well away from ones territory, from ones weapon ranges and obviously one who is very much away from detection systems spread in a four dimensional environment.

 But Sri Lankan experience in terms of its maritime warfare for the past three odd decades has changed amazingly during the last two years. One can with out any argument name Sri Lanka Navy as the “Only Operational Navy” in the world today. This is not an exaggeration of our own small navy but even the navies of the powerful countries have agreed considering the “Operational Role” played by our small navy. One should at the same time ask the important question of” why only now all these things are emerging, why not in the past many years?

Well the answer to this question was rightly delivered by the Secretary Defence during his speech at the 100th Arrow boat launching ceremony in Welisara Colombo few weeks ago. He stated that many ask why the Security Forces are winning now in all the fronts, but not in the past many years. The Secretary said” today the Security Forces are fighting with what they want in the way they want, that is the secret behind, he quoted the Arrow boat concept developed by the Navy as an example.

Consistency Victories Against Enemy: The Key

For the Navy, the maritime threat have been projected mainly from two dimensions i.e. the surface (sea/land) and the underwater. One looking back at all the confrontations related to the navy will see that Navy did manage to counter ground threat quite effectively but have been facing ups and downs when countering the seaborne threat. One should be able to mark consistent victories against terrorists if they are to be eliminated permanently.

Analyzing the past two years and the years before that will see a remarkable change in the naval tactics. This study will give a slight idea of what the navy lack during the previous years and what it achieved during the past two years against a battle harden terror out fit which claimed to be the only terrorist organization that maintained a powerful naval out fit.

What the present naval higher command have understood during past couple of years is that if the navy to pin down the sea tigers out in the sea, they need to be consistent in defeating the enemy when ever he comes out to sea. If the Navy to become a consistent winner against a reputed enemy, a careful analysis of all maritime related activities, capabilities, tactics, manpower, weaponry, international links, intelligence, logistic network etc is needed.


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