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Is India in Sri Lanka’s pocket?

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Is India in Sri Lanka’s pocket?
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A former Chief  of the Indian secret intelligence service, B.Raman ,sometime ago declared  that an  Air Force Pilot of Pakistan based in Sri Lanka was participating in the attacks launched on the Tamil Tigers from Sri Lankan Air Force bases. It is also no secret that China has been  supplying necessary arms and weapons to Sri Lanka to fight the war against the Tamil Tigers.

When the LTTE planes attacked the Air Force base in Vavuniya last week ,and  two Indian Nationals sustained injuries , it became very evident that India too is directly involved in the war against the Tamil Tigers. When seen against this background , it is deducible that the super powers of Asia are united in the war against the Tamil Tigers. In other words , Sri Lanka, China, India and Pakistan stand united to fight the  war against the  Tamil Tigers. What is specially noteworthy in this is , the  two countries , China and India who are arch rivals in the race for  leadership in Asia ; and India and Pakistan who are involved in a bitter power struggle between them in South Asia have all got together as one outfit to fight the war waged against the Tamil Tigers.

Tamil Nadu Bharathiya Janatha Party Leader , once asked  the Congress Govt. whether the Govt. of India granted a soft loan to Sri Lanka to purchase arms from China.? Although India’s Congress Govt. did not give an answer to this question , it is a matter  of perturbation why India released funds to Sri Lanka to purchase arms from China , the  country which manifestly poses a grave  threat to India ?

Some view this as India’s overwhelming desire to destroy the Tamil Tigers , and if India is to provide arms to Sri Lanka , there will be a public outcry against it in Tamil Nadu. It is therefore, in order  to avert  this situation , India released the loan to Sri Lanka to procure the arms from China, and combat the LTTE.

It is difficult to comprehend  the motive of  India which does everything possible to divert China from eyeing  South Asia , is bringing China increasingly close to Sri Lanka on the ground that it is to destroy the  LTTE . It is also inconceivable why  India which  does not brook Pakistan’s domination in South Asia is aligned with Pakistan in relation  to the war against the Tamil Tigers .

Pakistan too extended aid to Sri Lankan Air Force to destroy the LTTE . When the Sri Lankan Air Force with the assistance of the Pakistan pilots launched attacks on the Tiger bases which harmed the civilians provoked the indignation and protests of the Tamil Nadu and India’s Opposition parties, the Indian Congress Govt. however, without heeding the protests helped to protect the Sri Lanka civil population  and the Air Force bases from the LTTE aerial attacks. India providing Radar  equipment to Sri Lanka to facilitate these protective measures is also no secret to  Tamil Nadu and India’s opposition parties. When Tamil Nadu party Leader, Vaiko demanded from the Congress Govt.  for the withdrawal of the radar equipment , the Indian Govt. explained thus : they had to take this step because the Sri Lanka Govt. would otherwise  procure the radar equipment from China , in which case it would spell danger to India .; the other reason is that there was danger to India too from the aerial attacks of the LTTE , and therefore India had to intervene and give protection to Sri Lanka’s Air Force. The Nuclear power reactor complex of India which is being built with Russian aid is situated in Tamil nadu. Safeguarding  Tamil Nadu from the aerial attacks of the Tigers is therefore of paramount importance. The Sri Lankan Govt. was provided with the radar equipment by India with this in view –the protection of the air space of Tamil Nadu. It is on this account , the Tamil Nadu and Opposition parties ceased  questioning further on this issue.


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