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Who Commits Genocide in Sri Lanka and How to Stop it

The word “genocide” is a heavily abused term in the Sri Lankan context. It is also the most popular oxymoron used with regard to the conflict. On the outward over 70,000 people have died in the twenty-five-years long conflict. During the same time period over two and a half a million people have died of all causes mainly of old age, heart disease and cancer. This makes war deaths a meagre 2.8% of the total number of deaths. In other words war results in 2.8% of deaths in Sri Lanka which is definitely not a significant cause of death. However, the underlying picture is gruelling and cruel. The tiny third world country is cursed with the world’s most ruthless terrorist organisation (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam – LTTE, commonly known as Tamil Tigers) in the world. LTTE’s suicide bombers far outnumber their Iraqi and Afghanistan counterparts. LTTE is openly committing genocide against people of all races in Sri Lanka in every manner imaginable to a satanic mind.


Army heading for LTTE’s HSZs

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) troops are now moving towards the LTTE’s High Security Zone (HSZ). Progress is slow because the path ahead is lined with mines and booby traps. Troops have to traverse through jungle and open area as well through some villages too.


Raman and the LTTE – A Response (from A serving security forces officer)

I have been a reader of Mr. B. Raman’s articles which appear on your Journal for quite some time. My attention went to the article which appeared on your Journal on the 10th September with the title "Vavuniya Raid: Conflicting Versions". There are certain facts which I felt should be highlighted at this stage about this article.

Analysis: Global implications of Sri Lanka's civil war

At first glance, Sri Lanka's vicious civil war might appear to have little consequence beyond the island's own teardrop-shaped shores. Conflict has rapidly come to reflect tectonic shifts in global power. Since hostilities resumed in 2006, Sri Lanka's brutal attempts to crush the Tamil Tiger rebels have brought its government into open confrontation with traditional Western allies and trading partners.


Is India in Sri Lanka’s pocket?

A former Chief  of the Indian secret intelligence service, B.Raman ,sometime ago declared  that an  Air Force Pilot of Pakistan based in Sri Lanka was participating in the attacks launched on the Tamil Tigers from Sri Lankan Air Force bases. It is also no secret that China has been  supplying necessary arms and weapons to Sri Lanka to fight the war against the Tamil Tigers.


Potential U.S. Congresswoman Declares LTTE terrorism and Sri Lanka Tamil Grievances do not Tally

If Sri Lanka is the most misunderstood country in the world and, a state senator who is destined to enter the United States Congress from the State of Nevada in a most favorable political climate for the Democratic Party this election year to declare that she understands that Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers is a terrorist movement and not a liberation organization and that they do not represent the minority Tamil grievances, Sri Lanka has taken a step forward in winning the heart of a U.S. lawmaker and to make the U.S. Congress understand the real issues confronting this Indian Ocean island nation.


"Progress a little faster than originally planned’’ Road is hard but victory is certain

Despite battlefield losses last week with the LTTE delivering bodies of 30 soldiers killed in action through the ICRC, Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa while agreeing that the road forward is hard remains convinced that victory is certain.

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