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Rebels cornered at northern Mulaitivu

With yesterday’s lightning capture of Pooneryn, it is now clear why Presidential troubleshooter Basil Rajapaksa, during his recent visit to New Delhi, readily agreed to allow Indian fishermen to fish in our northwest waters, as a big concession to South Indians, knowing very well that, Tamil Nadu fishermen were using fishing as a guise to smuggle in military supplies to the LTTE. Now, the LTTE, driven out of the west coast completely, are in no position to take delivery of smuggled military supplies.

Historic theater of old battles and new confrontations

The Kalpitiya-Mannar coast

The recent fighting along the North-western shore of Sri Lanka, extending from Mannarma (Mannar), through Meepaathota (Illuppikadavai) and Naagathudaava (Nachchikuda) to Punranna (Poornaryn), has been at the focus of the news media. However, a quiescent war has been going on around the the Kalpitiya (Kalpiddi) lagoon and extending down to Halaavatha (Chilaw). The proximity to the Wilpattu jungles has also been attractive to the LTTE which has been carrying out covert operations here.

The March to Pooneryn and beyond

Up until November 1993 the POONERYN defence complex formed a complementary defence mechanism encompassing EPS and the Jaffna islets in safeguarding the peninsula from the Tamil Tigers. Since the fall of the POONERYN defence complex, it has been of immense strategical value to the Tamil Tigers providing it with a base to disrupt the naval/air bridge connecting the Jaffna peninsula with the South using its T59I 130mm howitzers and coastal littorals to launch its Sea Tiger assets and smuggling operations.

Presence of ex-RAW bigwig with Tiger links disturbs State intelligence

Many an eyebrow has been raised in political and defence circles by the presence of a former RAW bigwig S. Chandrasekeran alias Chandran considered an LTTE sympathizer, in Colombo.


Chief security officer's foresight saves minister's life

How did the woman suicide bomber who blew herself up at the Katuwawela-Pirivena Road junction, a fortnight ago arrive there with explosives strapped on to her body? Did she arrive in a three-wheeler taxi, just prior to the convoy of vehicles carrying the Agricultural Development and Agrarian Services Development Minister Maithripala Sirisena, and the Deputy Minister Siripala Gamlath and other State officials were about to pass that point?

Fight not against Tamils, but against LTTE terrorism -Defence Secretary

Gotabaya Rajapaksa Defence Secretary

While concerns about the plight of Wanni civilians escalated with more MPs from the Tamil Nadu Government resigning in protest and demanding the intervention of the Indian Central Government, the Sri Lankan Government reiterated its commitment to end LTTE terrorism. While the issue has reached boiling point in Tamil Nadu which is going for its elections soon, Sri Lanka’s no nonsense Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that it was very unfair for Tamil Nadu to demand of the Indian Government, which has a longstanding relationship with Sri Lanka, to pressurise the Sri Lankan Government to halt military offensives against the LTTE. Rajapaksa, who fought many battles against the LTTE when he was in the Army, told the Sunday Observer that the fight is not against Tamils, but to combat LTTE terrorism.

“More than for us, terrorism is a serious problem to India. Therefore, India should assist us more to defeat LTTE terrorism”, he said.

Buoyed forces in final thrust

As pre- North Eastern monsoonal rains lashed the battlefront in Wanni the Security Forces brought the battle into one of its turning points in its decisive final phase advancing into vital Tiger locations in the Kilinochchi District putting the Tiger outfit on the back foot in the Wanni liberation operation.

It was a week that gave a hard time for the LTTE as they wearily moved their cadres from one front to the other in their desperate bid to keep all their defences intact but failed in their effort as troops took full control of the battle with their tactical moves.

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