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The terrorist owned airstrip and two hangers in Sri Lanka - Video


The pictures below show the extent to which a terrorist outfit can develop itself when the world remains ignorant of the true nature of such monstrous organizations. Mislead by false propaganda elements by front organizations of the LTTE and its proxy NGOs, world has let the LTTE to be the first terrorist organization to have an air arm. Not to forget that it is the same organization that has pioneered the art of suicide bombing, and suicide naval craft. There is no doubt that the LTTE and its fund raising mechanism spread across the globe has made a great contribution to the global terrorism in terms of knowledge and other means.

Here is the fourth and the largest airstrip ever captured by Sri Lanka Army. There is a great possibility that it may be the only one of that kind owned by any terrorist organization in the world.

Troops of Army 59 Division lead by Brigadier Nandana Udawatte captured the airstrip on Saturday (Jan 10) after crushing stiff terrorist resistance. It is located in thick Mullaittivu jungle, about 5km west of Nanthikandal lagoon.

Infantrymen of 9 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) led by Lieutenant Colonel Janaka Ariyaratne were the first to enter in the airstrip. The airstrip is built with a tarmac about 1.5 km long and 20m wide. The area was heavily guarded by the terrorists with a barb wired fence built in a 300m distance around the air stripe . The two armour plated hangers and several other huts were also found.


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