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Countdown to final battle begins

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Countdown to final battle begins
High grounds
Outskirts of Suthanthirampuram
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  • New No fire zone declared
  • Tigers fail to reverse Security Forces victories

The LTTE used to explain each and every defeat they were facing as tactical withdrawals and continued to do so until they faced their humiliating defeat in their so-called capital Kilinochchi and their strongholds Pooneryn, Elephant Pass and Mullaitivu.

At the initial stage the LTTE warned that they would bring the war to Colombo if Security Forces try to fight them in the North and East. But they failed to bring war to Colombo as they predicted though they could explode few bombs targeting innocent civilians in some places in Colombo and suburbs.

It was due to strengthened security measures and the screening of each and every citizen entering Colombo, the Defence authorities and the Security Forces could avert many of the Tiger plans to create mayhem in Colombo.Where LTTE last stand


The Security Forces and the Police had to face a series of allegations from the so-called Non Government Organizations appearing on behalf of the LTTE when detecting those Tiger cadres who reached Colombo disguised as civilians.
Those organizations and political parties appeared on behalf of the LTTE in support of their terror plans, should at least now understand the gravity of the problem the Security Forces had to tackle in Colombo.

The LTTE always made statements, boasting about their capability to hit back at any time with a terror plan in their hand. That was why the LTTE said that their setbacks in Kilinochchi were only temporary.

They had terror plans to in their hands to reverse the military victories but failed in all those efforts due to the increased vigilance of the Security Forces. Their terror plans would have gone undetected if not for the vigilance of the Security Forces.

The troops attached to the 571 Brigade under the command of Lt. Colonel Harendra Ranasinghe could avert a massive disaster on January 28, 2009 as they could detect two Black Tiger cadres who were roaming around massive Iranamadu tank just few days after the LTTE exploded Kalmadukulam tank.

Suicide mission

Initially they claimed that they had arrived there to surrender to the Security Forces but later accepted that they had arrived there for a suicide mission to explode the Iranamadu tank bund.

These two Black Tiger cadres identified as Kanakasuthasan Suthas alias Shanker and Thillainathan Thivakaran alias Thamil Alai have made surprising revelations to the Security Forces.

These shocking revelations by these two Black Tiger cadres ‘Shanker’ and ‘Thamil Alai’ confirm the fact that the LTTE had more terror plans in their hand to reverse the Security Forces victories even at the last moment.

According to latest revelations by these two Black Tiger cadres the LTTE had planned to explode Iranamadu tank bund in mid January to reverse the victories of the Security Forces in Kilinochchi as they have been totally frustrated following their defeat in Kilinochchi.

According to these two Black Tiger cadres attached to the Gangai Amarn squadron of the Sea Tiger wing which trains Sea Tigers for underwater missions, they have been briefed about their mission by Charles Anthony the elder son of Prabhakaran who is handling the IT unit of the LTTE in Visuamadu on January 23.

Sea Tiger Special leader Soosai and Dinesh Master from Gangai Amaran Squadron has also been there when Charles Anthony briefed them about his plans to blast the Iranamadu tank bund.

They have been taken to Visuamadu in an intercooler pajero from Mullaitivu where they had their basic training prior to their mission. They have been trained to swim more than 10 kilo metres at a stretch.


Before they were taken to Visuamadu and prior to their training ‘Shanker’ and ‘Thamil Alai’ had a dinner with Tiger leader Prabhakaran in December in an unknown destination along with another set of Black Tiger cadres assigned for various other missions. According to the revelations of these Black Tiger cadres they have been served with mutton and string hoppers for their dinner at an unknown destination.

They have been selected for this mission as they have participated at the mission to hijack Farah II ship in the Mullaitivu seas.

Charles Anthony had explained his plan to the Black Tiger cadres through a computer presentation. They have studied each and every part of the Iranamadu tank before preparing this master plan. They have studied the sluice gates, depth and the capacity of the Iranamadu tank and the extent of area that may submerge following the explosion of the tank bund.


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